Chip Roy is ‘unhappy’ with Oparacio-Cortez’s sexual harassment experience, but adamant on apologizing

Rape Chip RoyCharles (Chip) Eugene Royg Congressman apologizes to Ocasio-Cortez after Twitter exchange with Cruz House Republic, briefing on threat to keep National Guard in DC Wyoming County vote to stop Liz Cheney for Trump impeachment vote Asked for (R-Texas) said Tuesday when she is “sad to learn” about the rape. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezOcasio-Cortez says she has survived sexual harassment to make Democrat riot of Capital Riot Taylor Taylor Green the face of GOP Juan Williams.Experiencing sexual abuse (DN.Y.), he still believes that he should issue an apology for the comment in which he named Sen. Ted cruiseRafael (Ted) Edward Cruzcasio-Cortez says she has survived sexual harassment, while facing capital riot impeachment will not fix us – we need a commission on democracy and electoral integrity – the Seventh Amendment and Donald Trump’s overthrow (R-Texas) for the capital riot on 6 January.

Cruz reached out to Congressmen on Twitter last week, indicating they could find a rare area of ​​agreement in the Reddit-fueled Wall Street rally investigation of Gametop and other stocks. He categorically declined her proposal, indicating that he blamed him and other Republicans for their efforts to reduce the results of the 2020 election and draw a line from him for the Capitol Breach.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “I’m happy to work with Republicans on this issue, where there is common ground, but you murdered me about 3 weeks ago.” W / work almost any other GOP. Happy to do those who are not trying to kill me. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign. “

Later that day, Roy, who had previously served as Cruise’s chief of staff, Sent a letter To the speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosibiden, GOP senator agrees for more COVID-19 talks after first meeting ‘excellent’ McConnell says Taylor Green has accepted conspiracy theories for a ‘cancer’ to GOP, on country money: Scherer pledge Senate will take ‘bold’ coronavirus bill, rejects GOP proposal GOP senator, Biden sends positive vibes after long WH meeting (D-California.).

“It has come to my attention,” he wrote, that Ocasio-Cortez “accused Senator Ted Cruz of attempted murder.”

“If Representative Ocasio-Cortez does not immediately apologize, we will be forced to find an alternative means to condemn this regrettable statement,” Roy Added to letter.

On Monday, Ocasio-Cortez Talked on an Instagram livestream Expanding his experience of the rebellion that the fear he went through was the trauma of surviving a sexual assault.

“This is a tactic used by abused people,” he said. “People who are saying, ‘We should move forward,'” We shouldn’t hold accountability, ‘etc. are saying,’ Can you forget this so we can do it again? ‘ ”

Roy wrote in a statement shared with The Hill on Tuesday that he, “Sad to learn of the trauma that my colleague, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, reported about sexual harassment in recent times. ”

Roy said, “No one should go through this, and I hope that he has got justice and has experienced peace in the case.”

However, he said, “I will not be seduced by my assumptions about right and wrong – about this or anything else. Comparing them with my circumstances of my defense of colleagues was again unfair, but I am a political case. I’m not going to participate to discuss their personal experiences. “

He said that Ocasio-Cortez’s experience “does not change the fact that his accusation against Sen. Cruz was completely unacceptable for a member of Congress to engage in free speech against another member of our Constitution and of our Constitution.” Argue about what the electorate is about. ” . Nor does it change my position that he should apologize and withdraw those comments. “

He said, “It is the duty of the members of this body to work to clean the ripped off clothes of our republic. Stop this ruckus, stop sneezing social media and actually do what the American people have given us Sent to here. ” .

Cruz was one of the most vocal supporters challenging some 2020 voters over unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud. These allegations, advanced by the former President TrumpDonald Trumpgraham turned down Merrick Garland’s request for a confirmation hearing. 8 Trump’s lawyer called for first amendment to impeachment lawsuit. Biden faces crossroads on virus relief bill. And his supporters were repeatedly heard among the perpetrators of the January 6 mob attack, killing five people.


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