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It's hard to believe, but Chip and Joanna Gaines simply shared the pictures of Baby Crew's first birthday. As in, yes, the baby Crew fulfilled one at the end of June, and we still can not believe it. Was not Gaines younger than she was born yesterday? It feels a bit like someone hitting the speed of distortion in the space-time continuum, but the small crew have He reached this special milestone, and Chip and Joanna simply shared the incredible photos of their one-year-old son's celebration.

The proud mom and dad took their individual Instagram accounts on Friday to share the instant sweets with the world. Judging by their titles, they are experiencing the same shock as the rest of us (if not more) that Crew's first birthday is gone. "I can not believe that Baby Crew is already ONE!" Joanna wrote, adding an appropriate emoji for crying. "This cheerful, fun and carefree colleague of mine is easy to celebrate, I am sharing some highlights of his first birthday party along with some more updates on my blog in the profile link."

In a follow-up publication, Joanna added: "Ok, I promise you this is the last round of Crew [birthday] Photos (for today), I can not forget the fact that he is ONE and I also love his soft legs. "

In the trademark Chip, its publication was a little more foolish. He shared two photos: one of him biting the crushing cake of the baby Crew and another of Crew following his example. The Chip title? "Like father Like Son."

It's natural that Chip and Joanna like the birthday of the baby Crew. The fifth child the couple has received – they also share Drake, 14, Ella Rose, 12, Duke, 10, and Emmie Kay, 9 – Crew is the baby of the family. Although, if Chip has something to say about it, that might not be the case forever. When people asked in March if they could expand their offspring further, Joanna said: "Hell, I know, I thought it was over, and then we had the crew … But [Chip] He always jokes that he wants me to have a little sister. "

Hmm, it looks like there could be more first birthdays in the Gaines family before everything is said and done.

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