Chinese woman who lost father to coronovirus sues government for pardon, compensation

A woman from Wuhan wants China to pay.

Zhao Lei is suing the government for compensation and a rare public apology for his blatant response to the coronovirus epidemic that has already killed 851,141 people and infected more than 25.5 million people globally .

Zhao’s father was also among those who lost his life.

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The 39-year-old, Zhao, told Sky News that his father had contracted the fatal illness in late January, but the city’s emergency services were so heavily affected by the tsunami of growing COVID-19 cases that he needed someone to take him to the hospital There was no ambulance.

His family had to walk 6 miles in the cold before they were picked up by a local man driving an auto-rickshaw. But by then, the damage had been done and Zhao’s ailing father had only deteriorated. He died due to breathlessness as he sat in the emergency waiting room.

“My father was honest,” she said. “… He was very kind. In Wuhan, he was a very normal person. He followed all the rules.”

The shock of losing his father prompted Zhao to make the brave decision to go after the government himself.

“I think the government covered some facts,” she said.

Zhao’s father fell ill soon after the lockout in the city. His death was a shock to his system.

“At the time, I was stunned,” he said. “Later, my heart was broken, and I was also very angry.”

“Later, my heart was broken, and I was also very angry.”

– Zhao Lei

He turned into angry action.

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While thousands of families in Wuhan have suffered like Zhao, very few have publicly shamed and blamed the government – mostly out of fear.

Police allegedly visited her mother, warning her that Zhao should drop the case and not speak publicly about her experience.

The ruling Communist Party is known for silencing and detaining those who believe they are speaking bad about the country or portraying those in any kind of negative light.

In fact, during the early days of COVID-19, Chinese officials regularly rounded up civilian journalists, who reported from Wuhan, some still in custody. The country also killed many Western journalists, who dared to report on the novel Coronovirus, which would eventually devastate the world.

But Zhao remains stoic and says that the scare tactic is not going to make him change his mind. He is set to take his case to the Supreme Court of Hubei, the province of Wuhan.

“What I did is legal, what I said is really,” she said. “I did not lie. I did not quell rumors.”

She also believes that her trial is ultimately good for the country.

“It can warn people that if there is a disaster the next time, we can do something to prevent bad consequences. We can save more people,” she said.

China is trying to change the global narrative to deal with the killer virus. The adjusted national narrative is that China has conquered Coronavirus and has done so under the leadership of President Xi Jinping.

In June, the government published an official account of its response.

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The White Paper stated, “The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have addressed the epidemic as a top priority and have taken swift action.” “Secretary-General Xi Jinping has taken personal command, planned the response, overseen the general situation, and acted decisively, which shows the way forward in the fight against the epidemic.”

Zhao is not buying it.