Chinese rocket stage Gaofen 11 appears to crash near school during satellite launch

A Chinese Long March 4B rocket successfully launched a new Earth-viewing satellite on Monday (7 September), but the first phase of the booster cost less than a school when it fell back to Earth, witness video Show

The Long March 4B rocket was launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern China at 1:57 pm local time (1:57 pm EDT, 0557 GMT). It carried the powerful Goffan 11 (02) Earth observation satellite, an optical Observation satellite Able to return high resolution images that are smaller than 3 feet (1 m).

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A Chinese Long March 4B rocket launched the Goffon 11 (02) Earth observation satellite into orbit on September 7, 2020 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. (Image credit: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp)

According to Chinese media, the data returned by the Goffan satellite will be used primarily for land surveying, city planning, land rights confirmation, road network design, crop yield estimation and disaster prevention and mitigation.

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