Chinese rocket booster crash near school, explosion

Booster slip up

China on Monday successfully launched a high-resolution optical observation satellite on top of a Long March 4B rocket.

But according to the video uploaded to the Chinese social media show, a booster of rockets fell back to Earth – and exploded into a huge cloud of orange smoke not far from a school, Report.

Big orange cloud

The footage On the Chinese social media network Weibo, the first stage of the long March 4B rocket appears in a giant orange cloud near Lilong Village in Shanxi Province. As Reportedly, the footage appears to have been taken from the school yard, with children audible in the foreground.

Making matters worse, the propellants of the Long March rocket are quite toxic – a potential health hazard.

Bad run

This is not the first report of Chinese rocket parts falling out of the sky. In May, the main stage of China’s massive Long March 5B rocket, originally a 37,000-pound piece of shrapnel, made its uncontrolled reverberation in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The main stage pieces eventually crashed on the Ivory Coast in Africa.

The satellite, named Goffan 11, is capable of showing features as small as three feet back to the ground. According to state media, those images will be used for city planning, road network design and other infrastructure planning projects.

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