Chinese official reveals plans for future lunar mission, including possible lunar base

A Chinese official on Thursday revealed future planning for more moon missions and eventually established a lunar base and hosted human explorers.

As reported by the Associated Press, China Lunar Exploration Program Deputy Chief Commander Wu Yanhua on Wednesday announced the successful landing of China’s Chang’e 5 probe on the heels.

Wu did not offer any concrete dates for the construction of a moon or a base for a crew mission, although it was noted that Chang works with 6, 7, and 8 for future investigative missions. .

In addition, Wu announced future explorations to collect samples of possible voyages to Mars, asteroids, and the planet Jupiter.

“China is ready to contribute to the world and enhance human welfare with Chinese space solutions,” Wu said.

The country’s latest trip to the moon marked several variants for China’s National Space Administration (CNSA), including a collection of rock samples smaller than the American and Soviet Union types, first collected from 1969 to 1972. Were done. In addition, the mission launched a lunar vehicle. Used on the lunar surface to transfer rock samples.

“As our nation’s most complex and technologically transformational space mission, Chang5 has achieved many technological breakthroughs … and represents a historic achievement,” the CNSA said in a statement.

China became the third country in 2003 to send astronauts after the end of the 20th century space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.

The most recent Chang’a 5 probe was assisted by the European Space Agency, as well as Argentina, Namibia and Pakistan, who work with China to monitor and communicate with its space vessel.


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