Chinese citizen journalist sentenced to 4 years for reporting Kovid

In protest against her arrest and indictment, Ms. Zhang had launched a prolonged hunger strike, her lawyers said. In response, the officers fed him through a feeding tube and restrained his hands so that he could not take him out.

Ms. Zhang’s trial lasted less than three hours in Shanghai Pudong People’s Court on Monday. The official charge on which he was convicted was “quarrels and provoking trouble”, a vague, common accusation used against critics of the government. Prosecutors initially recommended a sentence of between four and five years.

Ms. Zhang appeared in a wheelchair for the trial, one of her lawyers, Zhang Kay, wrote on WeChat, a messaging app, on Monday. Mr. Zhang wrote in a post a few days ago that he had lost his significant weight and was almost unrecognizable from just a few weeks ago.

Ms. Zhang barely said during the hearing, except that people’s speech is not censored, Mr. Zhang wrote, who does not belong to Ms. Zhang.

After the sentence was announced, Ms. Zhang’s mother, who was taken to the court-court for a trial by security officials, raged uncontrollably, said one of Ms. Zhang’s attorneys, and Ren Quanyu.

Some others were allowed, as sensitive hearing in China often takes place behind closed doors. Ahead of the trial, reporters and supporters of Ms. Zhang gathered near the courtyard, but were pushed away by security officials. One of Ms. Zhang’s friends, Lee Davy, said that he and about 10 other people, who tried to attend the hearing, were brought to a nearby police station.

Chinese human rights lawyer Chen Xiangang said that Ms. Zhang’s term of punishment shows that the government saw its plot of outbreak as fundamentally guarded for its grip on power.

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