China’s Xi says that country will not close the door to global internet –

China’s Xi says that country will not close the door to global internet


Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Sunday that the country will not close its doors to the global Internet, but that cyber sovereignty is key in its vision of internet development.

Xi's comments were read by Huang Kunming, chief of the Chinese Communist Party advertising department in the country's largest public cyber policy forum in the city of Wuzhen in eastern China.

"The development of China's cyberspace is entering a fast lane … The doors of China will be increasingly open," Xi said in the note.

Cybernetic sovereignty is the idea that states must manage and contain their own internet without external interference.

The Communist Party of China has hardened cyberregulation in the last year, formalizing new rules that require signatures to store data locally and censor the tools that allow users to subvert the Great Firewall.

In June, China introduced a new national cybersecurity law that requires foreign companies to store data and undergo data surveillance measures.

Cyber-regulators say that laws are in line with international rules, and that they are designed to protect personal privacy and counterattack central infrastructure. Business groups say that the rules are unfairly directed at foreign companies.

China has strongly advocated for a more important role in the global governance of the Internet under Xi.

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