China’s Synovac Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate Appears to Be Safe, a Little Weak in Elderly

FILE PHOTO: A staff member at his booth demonstrated a coronovirus vaccine from Synovac Biotech Ltd. for demonstration during the 2020 China International Fair in Trades in Services (CIFTIS) after the outbreak of COVID-19 on 5 September 2020 in China in Beijing. Kept. REUTERS / Tingshu Wang

Beijing (Reuters) – Chinese firm Synovac Biotech Ltd ()SVA.O) Said on Monday that its coronavirus vaccine candidate appeared to be safe for older people, according to preliminary results from early to mid-stage testing, while immune responses triggered by the vaccine were slightly weaker than in younger adults.

Health officials are concerned about whether experimental vaccines can safely protect the elderly, whose immune systems typically react less strongly to vaccines, against the virus that caused around 890,000 deaths worldwide. is.

A Synovac media representative said, Synovac candidate Coronavac did not cause serious side effects in a combined Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials launched in May, including Liu Peicheng, a representative of Sinovac, aged at least 60. The full results have not been published and have not been made available to Reuters.

Four of the world’s eight vaccines are from China in the third phase of testing.

For the three groups of participants who took two shots of low, medium, and high-dose Coronavac, respectively, more than 90% of them experienced significant increases in antibody levels, while the levels were slightly higher than those seen in younger subjects There were fewer, but as expected, Liu said in a statement.

Coronavac is already being tested in Brazil and Indonesia in last-stage human trials, already given to thousands of people to evaluate whether it is effective and safe to gain regulatory approval for large-scale use , Which includes about 90% of Synovac employees and their families, as part of China’s emergency vaccination plan to protect people facing high infection risk.

Potential vaccine storage may remain stable for up to three years, Liu said, which could introduce Synovac into vaccine distribution in some areas where cold-chain storage is not an option.

Such an estimate is contrasted with the fact that vaccine readings are in the acceptable range at 25 ° C (77 F) for 42 days, 28 days at 37 C (98.6 F), and 2–8 C (35.6–46.4). F) lasts for five months, Liu said. , Without disclosing complete data.

Reporting by Roxanne Liu and Tony Munro; Editing by Lisa Shumaker

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