China’s Chang’a-5 lunar probe successfully returns to Earth


After weeks of space travel, the Chang’e-5 lunar probe has returned home at Beijing time on Thursday morning.

Chang’a-5 recovered the first fresh specimens of rock and debris from the Moon in more than four decades.

“There is no end to space exploration,” Chinese President Xi Jinping praised the success of the Chang’-5 mission, which brought samples of the moon back to Earth.

Xi said that the success of the Chang’-5 lunar mission is another fruit of China’s entire nation system, contributing to mankind’s research on how the moon formed and how the solar system evolved.


It landed at the landing site specified in the Sijiwang banner of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of northern China.

Ground crews gather around China’s Chang’-5 returner after their successful return to Earth with samples from the Moon.


The national flag of China has been lowered to the site of the Chang’-5 returner that touched the Inner Mongolian region of China.

The Chang’e-5 investigation was launched on 24 November, comparing a lander, an ascending, an orbiter and a returner. Its lander-ascendant combination successfully landed near the moon on 1 December, and collected samples from both. The surface and bottom of the lunar.

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