The long-term folklore of the legendary folklore of Wang Jingchun expects a listening competition – Sohu

  1. It is expected that Sohu's folklore _ audiences will mean "long-term" the Beul-aithris of Berlin; bankrupt Wang Jingchun.
  2. Why did the Film Festival Berlin organize "The Year of China"? It has been deeply rooted in China. Wang Xiaoshuai Wang Quanan is trying for A & # 39; Gold Beal – Mtime Time Network Mtime Time Network
  3. Wang Xiaoshuai talks about the film Zhang Yimou's & # 39; Going out of Berlin: the current changes must be explored Wang Xiaoshuai | Zhang Yimou | Festival Film Berlin_ 新浪 娱乐 _ 新浪 网
  4. Wang Xiaoshuai was "Long Time", the premier of the main Berlin competition, Wang Yuan moved "Laughter and laughter" A 30-year story featuring 175 minutes of the Mtime Time network
  5. Wang Xiaoshuai appeared with a crew "Guan Jiu Tian Chang" in Berlin. Wang Yuan Wang Jingchun Qixi Dujiang pointed out to be & # 39; Competition for the Mtime Time Network Gold Medal Award
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