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2018-12-31 19:04:02 Source: China Development Network

On December 29th 2018, sponsorship from China's Communist Party Party Tianjin Binhai Small District Committee, Tianjin Binhai New District Broadcasting and Television Bureau, Tianjin Development Zone Committee, New Social Committee Tianjin Binhai TEDA Social Regulation Committee, Yuwu (Tianjin) Media Media The 5th Tianjin Binhai International Film Film Competition Forum held by the company was held at the Yujiabao International Finance Conference Center in the New Binhai District, Tianjin. Experts from the film and television industry came from Pakistan, Ecuador, South Korea, Mongolia, Peru, Uzbekistan and seven countries in China.

Among the guests of the forum included: the national leader, scriptor, the 10th prestigious committee of the Literary and Artistic Ring Alliance, the 5th director of the Chinese Film Association, the 6th vice chairman Ding Yinnan; Association of Chinese Film Association Secretary General, Taiwan Film Film Research President, Xu Berlin, 29th and 30th Golden Rooster Film China Awards; Li Jingfu, General Secretary of the Chinese Film Association; Assistant Director of the Innovation Communications Center of the Chinese University, Associate School Research Institute Internet Information Director of Chang, Film and Television Network Innovation Institute, Professor, Bodao Cao in Europe; Special Professor of Xiangming University, Korea; Cao Fuli, Former Chair of the International Film Festival of Gwangju Film Festival (formerly); Director and Professor of Film and Television Department of Middle East Academy, Film Film Festival Wu Yajun, Deputy Director of the Education and Business Development Committee; Deputy Film Director of Film Science China, post-doctoral researcher, teacher of film science schoolmate, executive director of the Economy and Economy Administration Society of China, post-graduate film co-ordinator, executive director of the Chinese Economy Administration ; Member of the Chinese Film Society, Professor, Director, Film Society of China Higher Secretary General Film Work Committee, Film Criticism Exector, Former President of the Cinema Line Zhongxin Youth, General Secretary of the Chinese Film Film, Fellowship Film Film, Deputy Director of Film Development Foundation Beijing Youth Special Support, Beijing Film Producers Association Former President Qi Ying; Scottish National Producer Producer, Television and Television Commercial Worker, China's Zone, International Orlando Foreigner; CMB Youth Film Festival CMB Silk Road Secretary of the Muribhan Mutual Management Committee; Uzbekistan Producer of TV, Nafosat Nafsha, consultant of Zhongwusi Road Cultural Tourism Project; Eduardo Aiduo, member of the secretary group of the Chinese-Latin Youth Micro-Film Festival of Youth; Mongolian HULEGU Producer Film, Director, former Ulan Bilguun, Batu Radio and Television producer, and founder of fish fish, Jiang Yi, International Secretary of the International Film Festival Tianjin Binhai Film Festival.

This topic is "Cultural Village", which is divided into two themes: "Innovation and Development of Film and Television Business" and "Film and City Development".

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