China Trial Nasal Vaccine; Hungarian case record: virus update

China began testing a nasal spray vaccine for coronovirus that would be a world first. Hungary, Slovenia and Ukraine reported a record number of infections. Japan and Singapore plan to open a reciprocal green lane for travel next week, while global affairs top 28 million.

French President Emmanuel Macron will discuss with his government on Friday how to prevent an increase in coronavirus infection without jeopardizing a temporary economic recovery. Munich Re has stopped selling coverage to protect against future business losses. UK lawmakers are urging the government to increase salary support.

Main development:

  • Global Tracker: Cases Above 28 Million; More than 909,000 deaths
  • Volatility in vaccine support exposes Kovid challenge
  • University of Illinois shows No silly reopening plan
  • Etiquette on how to attend a wedding (Or not) during an epidemic
  • How are hotels helping Their neighbors fight epidemics

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India’s first nationwide survey (HK at 4:37 pm)

India’s first nationwide result The serological survey shows that more than six million people were infected with coronovirus in early May, which would put the country ahead of the current official rally in the US.
The findings, conducted in one of the nationwide serological surveys, confirmed the suspicion that infections are being underestimated, especially in places where testing is inadequate like in India and the US.

Hungary’s Orbon pledge is hard to obtain (HK at 3:15 PM)

Hungary reported Daily records of the new coronovirus infection as Prime Minister Viktor Orban vowed to meet the rules of the quarrelsome epidemics to which he said it was necessary to avoid a more serious disability.

According to figures published by the government’s task force on Friday, there were 718 new positive tests in Hungary for Kovid-19, taking active cases to 6,264, more than double the previous week. An advisor to Orbán has stated that the actual case may count till Considering Hungary’s relatively low rate of testing 20 times.

Elsewhere in Europe, Ukraine reported a New record In 3,144 cases on Friday and the government approved additional sanctions in some areas, including Kyiv. Slovenia confirmed a record 108 new infections. While the number of positive cases is increasing, the test is also increasing.

Israel headed for second coronavirus lockdown (HK at 3pm)

Israel will enter another coronavirus The lockdown became the only developed country to reopen nationwide after the economy’s botched reopening, leading to the transition.

Late Thursday evening, an internal cabinet of ministers approved a two-week, full-stop lockdown, followed by a two-week strict ban on agitation and economic activity. After that, if the situation improves, the boundaries will be applied only to communities with large outbreaks. Details, such as the start date, are to be presented to the full cabinet for final approval on Sunday.

Israel is struggling to stop a renewed outbreak

Macron seeks solution as French affairs climb (2:55 pm HK)

French President Emmanuel Macron will meet with his government on Friday Discuss how to prevent an increase in coronavirus infection without jeopardizing a temporary economic recovery.

France recorded 10,000 new cases on Thursday, the highest since the lockdown ended in May, and the seven-day rolling average has been climbing steadily for more than three weeks. Macron said that his government has important decisions to prevent the disease, which is actively roaming in major cities including Marseille and Lyon.

Munich Re Stopes Selling Epidemic Coverage (2:50 pm HK)

Munich Re has stopped selling coverage to protect it from future business losses after the epidemic. The German reinsurer took a 1.5 billion-euro ($ 1.8 billion) virus-related hit in the first half.

“We are currently investigating whether we will offer new contracts, including future property and contingency insurance.” “At the moment it has been suspended, for example in relation to event cancellation.” The company will continue to cover the epidemic in its life and health contracts.

China begins trial of Kovid-19 nasal spray vaccine (2:10 pm)

The latest Kovid-19 vaccine candidate is the first to begin human trials where volunteers will not receive a painful injection. Instead, they will receive A spray through the nose.

China on Wednesday approved Phase I human testing for the nasal spray spray vaccine, co-developed by researchers at Xiamen University and the University of Hong Kong, as well as vaccine maker Beijing VY Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co.

Intranasal spray was first developed as a vaccine for the flu and is recommended to be used in children and adults who wish to avoid more common needle injections. While it is not the most frequent option for childbirth, scientists around the world are working to develop sprays as an alternative to muscle jabs for all types of vaccines.

New clusters perseverance in Singapore dorms (1:55 pm)

Singapore reported its 18th new virus cluster in dormitories Less than three weeks later, migrant workers indicated a setback in the city-state’s strategy to prevent coronovirus outbreaks by conducting large-scale trials and restricting their movements.

According to a Health Ministry statement, two new groups linked to previous cases were identified in the dormitory, where 55 of the nation’s 63 latest Kovid-19 cases were confirmed on Thursday.


Singapore, Japan to Start Business Travel Lane (11:55 pm HK)

Singapore and Japan will make a mutual debut According to a joint government press statement, the green street for business and official visit on 18 September.

Safeguards will include pre-departure and post-arrival testing, as well as a controlled itinerary for the first 14 days in the receiving country.

Philippines Eyes & Group for testing (11:30 am HK)

Philippines has signed According to a report by CNN Philippines, confidentiality agreements with five foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, including a Taiwanese manufacturer and another in China, to potentially begin negotiations to supply the Kovid-19 vaccine.

Australia’s Securus Pte Ltd, China’s Synovac Biotech Co Ltd, Russia’s Gamalaya Research Institute and Taiwan’s Adimuneune Corp may conduct clinical trials in the country, CNN Philippines said in a Twitter post, citing Philippine Health’s executive director Jayam Montoya Happened. Research Council.

Singapore Air Cuts 4,300 Jobs (7:45 am)

Singapore Airlines Limited As destroying approximately 4,300 jobs, or 20% of its workforce, the coronavirus outbreak devastates the aviation industry.

The cuts will be made in Singapore Airlines and its Silkair and Scooter units. Carrier said discussions with unions were underway and arrangements would be finalized as soon as possible.

This is the first time job losses at Singapore Airlines have occurred since the 2003 outbreak of SARS.

NYC Business Leaders Demand Mayer for Fix Services (6:45 pm HK)

Leaders of more than 150 New York City corporations and financial firms called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to pay more attention to it Declining quality of life, the city struggles to contain the Kovid-19 epidemic that has devastated its economy.

In a letter sent to the mayor on Thursday, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., chief executives of Blackstone Group Inc. and other major companies acknowledged the city’s achievement in limiting the spread of the virus. But they said they were losing confidence as a place in the city Feels Safe for people to live and work.

“Despite New York’s success in coronovirus, an unprecedented number of New Yorkers are unemployed, at risk of homelessness, or otherwise at risk,” the letter states.

Fine ‘Coultry’ at Meatpacking Plant (HK at 6:35 pm)

US regulators issued First approval against a meatpacker associated with a deadly Kovid-19 outbreak: a $ 13,494 fine against Smithfield Foods Inc. that attracts criticism from at least one senator, a former security official and a major national association as inadequate.

According to the inspection, about 1,300 workers tested positive for the virus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Smithfield, 43 were hospitalized and four died between March 22 and June 16. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in a statement that the penalty was the maximum allowed by law. Smithfield Hong Kong-based WH Group Ltd. is owned by.

The meatpacking industry was an early epicenter of coronovirus as the disease quickly spread among immigrant employees working in their close quarters. In a tweet, Democratic Senator Cory Booker, one of many who have taken the pandemic to frontline activists, called Fine “paltry”.

Brazil cases rise, death slows (5:57 PM NY)

According to the Health Ministry website, Brazil recorded 40,557 cases, up from 4,838,446 from 35,816 the previous day. Represented a 1% increase compared to an average daily increase of 0.7% over the previous week.

Tomorrow's museum reopens as Brazil surpasses 4 million coronovirus cases

Visitors take their temperature outside the museum tomorrow, September 5, while reopening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photographer: Andre Coelho / Bloomberg

The nation had 983 deaths, with the third worst outbreak after the US and India. Which compares with 1,075 on the first day, for a total of 129,522 plagues.

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