China Starts Trial of Kovid-19 Nasal Spray Vaccine in First World

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The latest Kovid-19 vaccine candidate is the first to begin human trials where volunteers will not receive a painful injection. Instead, they will receive a spray through the nose.

China approved on Wednesday Human testing for the Phase I nasal spray vaccine, co-developed by researchers at the University of Zima and the University of Hong Kong, as well as by the vaccine manufacturer Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co.

Intranasal spray has been developed as the first one The vaccine for the flu is recommended for use among children and adults who wish to avoid more common needle injections. While it is not the most frequent option for childbirth, scientists around the world are working to develop sprays as an alternative to muscle jabs for all types of vaccines.

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Intranasal vaccine is 10th candidate from China to advance to the critical stage of human testing. The country is making its lead in vaccine development after the Western Front AstraZeneca plc had to Stop your last stage human test to check for spinal cord disease in a person receiving an experimental shot.