China says it will join Russian military exercises with Iran, Belarus and others this month

Chinese and Russian forces will participate in a joint military exercise in southern Russia with Armenian troops later this month, Belarus, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan And others, China’s Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday.

“Caucus 2020” drill will deploy wheeled vehicles and light weapons to blow up the drill location ChinaThe latest version of the ministry said transport aircraft, a news release.

The ministry said the exercises lasting from 21–26 September will focus on defensive strategy, entourage and battlefield control and command.

The ministry said that the practice has special meaning for Sino-Russia relations at this critical moment “when the whole world is fighting an epidemic”. China has not seen any new domestic Coronavirus In cases of weeks, while Russia continues to see new cases and more than 1 million people have been reported infected.

Negotiations on the nuclear sector of Russia and China…


Since establishing a “comprehensive strategic partnership” two decades ago, China and Russia have increasingly collaborated on military affairs and diplomacy, largely to counter its impact. Their militants regularly conduct joint exercises and they regularly return each other to the United Nations on issues including Syria and North Korea.

War games in times of stress

The long-planned exercise will take place this month amid growing hostility between the US and both Beijing and Moscow.

Russia is reportedly under increasing pressure from the US government Lead Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny’s poisoningWith a litany of other points of contention, including the war in Syria and Russian mediation in American politics.

The US has intercepted Russian military aircraft on several occasions in recent months, portraying US military allegations of reckless behavior.

Armed Russian jet aircraft fly close to American aircraft


Meanwhile, China has accused Washington of threatening its smaller neighbors, complete control over Hong Kong’s recently semi-autonomous region, and forcing about 1 million minority Muslims into labor camps in the country’s Xinjiang region.

Are concerned Become so stressful The widely respected Chinese newspaper published a story on Wednesday stating that the ruling Communist Party’s upper echelons are discussing whether Beijing should use the “nuclear option” to cut the United States’ significant supply of drugs.

India’s participation canceled

India also planned to participate in the Caucasus 2020 military exercise in Russia, but canceled its participation. Tension increases between Delhi and Beijing.

In Tweet On 29 August, India’s Ministry of Defense confirmed that it would no longer deploy forces to participate in the exercise. The decision was attributed to logical “difficulties” related to the coronovirus epidemic, but came after a long-standing border standoff between the two Asian giants Fatal for the first time in decades, Killed at least 20 Indian forces in a skirmish in June.

India and China talk of de-escalation


Just a week before India announced the cancellation of their partnership, Delhi and Beijing again accused each other’s military of violating border rules, warning of a shootout for the first time in many years. The deadly clashes in June did not lead to a volley of bullets, but a fight with clubs and other rudimentary weapons.