China said 1 million vaccines were given; Rollout plan ahead

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China said it has administered more than 1 million coronovirus vaccines since July and plans to distribute more, initially targeting workers in industries where they are at high risk of infection because The country wants to work on the global Kovid-19 vaccination front. Effort.

Vaccines developed by Synovac Biotech Limited and state-owned China National Biotech Group Company, known as CNBG, Disseminated in the country since the Emergency Use Authority was granted in July.

China is now planning a wider distribution of experimental shots with people working in hospitals, customs, public transport and cold-chain logistics, as well as vulnerable groups including those with pre-acquired medical conditions. for. The general public will be involved in the later phase of the rollout, China’s National Health Commission vice-chairman Zeng Yixin told reporters in Beijing on Saturday.

Zeng said that the cold weather with the onset of winter poses challenges to the control of China’s virus, which has ended internally with a combination of strict border control and mass testing.

“Our goal is to establish herd immunity through vaccination so that Kovid-19 can be rapidly controlled effectively,” he said.

Two shots

This vaccine is applied to China Ahead of the US and UK, which recently granted emergency authorization to shots developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and Germany’s Biotech SE, allowing them to begin vaccinating people in specific target groups. America Also cleaned a Kovid-19 vaccine from Modern Inc. on Friday. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Russia, which says it is already delivering door-to-door shots to its population, has vaccinated 320,000 people.

The figure of 1 million refers to the administered dose, not the number of vaccines. CNBG President Yang Xiaoming recently said that according to the local, more than 650,000 people were administered Chinese vaccines Media reports. Both CNBG and Synovac candidates follow a two-shot regiment of an initial jab and then a booster.

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Although Chinese officials did not say how many people would be vaccinated in the next stages of the vaccination effort, Bloomberg reported on Friday that officials plan to manage locally-developed shots. More than 50 million workers were exposed to the virus in early February, a significant expansion that would mobilize local branches, medical clinics and hospitals at China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention to meet the ambitious goal.

Virus flare

The rollout, which comes amid speculation that China is close to signing drug regulators CNBG and Synovac vaccines for general use, would be equivalent to vaccinating the entire population of South Korea in less than two months, a move. Which will put. The country stands out well in the race for distribution if it succeeds. The rapid deployment of coronovirus testing in China over the past few months, after millions of days of testing after cases were identified, could be a model for how the country of 1.4 billion people wants to be approached for vaccination.


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