China reveals the extent of its censorship with BBC ban: Gordon Chang

China’s recent announcement that BBC World News is banned from broadcasting in the country is another disturbing example of Beijing’s closure and makes clear the scope of the Communist Party’s censorship regime, says author Gordon Chang.

The authoritarian government’s National Radio and Television Administration announced its restriction of the British broadcaster on February 11, claiming that the BBC had damaged Chinese “unity” with its reporting of the country’s atrocities against ethnic minorities.

“China under Xi Jinping has been excluding the rest of the world. It is basically a closure of the Chinese mind because Xi does not like foreign influences,” Chang told Fox News. “As China separates itself from the rest of the world, it won’t get the benefit of communicating with other people. Everyone benefits from talking to others, and societies that isolate themselves usually end up strangling themselves.”

China was formally accused by the United States last month of perpetrating a genocide against Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region through a system of torture, internment, rape and ethnic cleansing.


The BBC’s February 2 report on these atrocities, as well as the UK media regulator Ofcom, which revoked the license of the Communist Party-aligned China Global Television Network earlier this month, triggered the decision. China to completely ban the BBC. It was already heavily censored there, although it could be seen in hotels and some residences.

China already faces global scrutiny over the origins of the deadly coronavirus pandemic and suppresses critical reports of the disease early in the outbreak. Since then, he has spread conspiracy theories through state media about the origins of COVID-19.


“People around the world are going to start thinking about how much censorship there is in China,” Chang said. “Xi Jinping has been getting away with it for quite some time … This could very well be a turning point where people really start to understand how strict the censorship is.”

The BBC said it was “disappointed that the Chinese authorities have decided to take this course of action. The BBC is the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster and reports stories from around the world fairly, impartially and without fear. no favoritism. “

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