China launches plans to build a new space station

Less than two weeks after China launched a communications satellite that would help it land a robot on the other side of the Moon, the country published its plan to have a space station in orbit and be inhabited by 2022. [19659002] The construction is already under way in parts of the new space station, which will follow the previous efforts of the country Tiangong-2, currently in orbit, and Tiangong-1, which fell out of orbit earlier this year.

China hopes that the new station, which will consist of three main modules, will come into operation in 2022 after launching the first module in 2019.

As the International Space Station does now, it would orbit about 250 miles above the surface of the Earth and would house a lot of scientific research and experiments that touch on topics such as evolution, development, how fluids behave in space and others.


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