China criticizes India by drone near the border


BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Thursday expressed its "strong discontent" with India after the recent accident of an Indian drone in what the Chinese military said was Chinese territory, an incident that could cause more friction in the disputed border between both countries. .

A man enters a conference room used for meetings between the military commanders of China and India, on the Indian side of the Indochina border in Bumla, in Arunachal Pradesh, on November 11, 2009. REUTERS / Adnan Abidi / Files [19659003] "This action by India violated China's territorial sovereignty, we express strong dissatisfaction and opposition," said Zhang Shuili, a senior military officer in the command of China's western battle zone, according to a Declaration of the Ministry of Defense.

"China's border defense forces took a professional and responsible attitude in conducting an inspection of the device," Zhang said, adding that the military would resolutely defend sovereignty and national security.

It just said that the drone crashed in "recent days" and did not give a location.

China and India have tried to develop bidirectional ties in recent years, but there is still a great distrust in the border dispute.

In June, July and August, Indian and Chinese troops had clashed on the Doklam plateau, near the borders of India, their ally Bhutan and China in the most serious and prolonged confrontation in decades.

Both sides agreed to an "expeditious disengagement" of troops there a week before Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in an effort to amend ties at a summit organized by China in September.

In November, China criticized the visit of Indian President Ram Nath Kovind to the remote state of Arunachal Pradesh, which China claims, saying that China opposed any activity by Indian leaders in disputed areas.

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