China congratulates Biden on being elected US President –

China congratulates Biden on being elected US President

BEIJING (AP) – China became one of the last major countries to congratulate Joe Biden on being elected US President on Friday.

China, along with Russia, refrains from joining the throne of governments that congratulated Biden last weekend that he is projected to garner enough electoral college votes in the November 3 election to win the White House.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “We respect the choice of the American people.” “We congratulate Mr. Biden and (Vice President running mate) Ms. (Kamala) Harris.”

Wang cited no reason for the delay, but said “the results will be confirmed according to US laws and procedures.”

China’s government has participated in a tariff war with the Trump administration over Beijing’s technology ambitions and trade surpluses.

Trump has also accused China of a security threat and imposed export restrictions and other restrictions on Chinese companies.

Political analysts expect some changes under the Biden administration due to Beijing’s trade and human rights record and widespread frustration with espionage and technology theft allegations.


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