China Communist Party: Huawei accused of ‘collusion’ with UK MPs

This image taken on January 29, 2020, features a smartphone with a Huawei and 5G network logo on the PC motherboard.

Dadu Rouvik | Reuters

A new report by UK MPs claimed that there is “clear evidence of collusion” between Huawei and the “Chinese Communist Party apparatus”.

British Members of Parliament also suggest that the Chinese telecom giant’s equipment could have been snatched from the country’s network beforehand.

The latest comments from the UK will put pressure on Huawei, which has been blocked from major markets such as Australia and Japan and is facing a number of sanctions from Washington, aiming to cut it from key technologies such as chips.

The report marks the return of Huawei.

A spokesperson told CNBC, “This report lacks credibility, as it is built on opinion rather than fact. We are sure that people will see these baseless allegations of collusion and remember that in the last 20 years, Huawei has made the UK What have you done for

In July, the UK government announced that mobile network operators in the country would have to stop buying Huawei devices by the end of this year. They will also need to rip Huawei gear from their infrastructure by 2027.

The decision was the result of an emergency review by the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center Huawei, when the US imposed new restrictions on Chinese giants, which cut it from major semiconductor supplies.

A separate investigation published on Thursday by the British Parliament’s Defense Committee into Britain’s 5G security said the 2027 timeline for removing Huawei gear from the network is “sensible”, but a 2025 timeline could be considered under specific circumstances is.

The lawmakers said “rapid removal should continue to pressure from allies or change China’s threats and the global situation so that the government should consider whether it is removable and economically viable by 2025.”

“Clearly these restrictions will delay the 5G rollout and harm the UK and mobile network operators financially. The government should take the necessary steps to reduce delays and economic losses and provide compensation to operators as the 2027 deadline progresses Should consider doing. “

Huawei’s ‘Collusion’ with CCP

The parliament’s investigation was launched in March and many American politicians, telecommunications industry insiders and technology experts were interviewed.

While concluding that “concern about Huawei is therefore based on clear evidence of collusion between the company and the Chinese Communist Party apparatus,” the lawmakers pointed to several points made by those testifying.

The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center said earlier this year that Huawei is a high-risk vendor because it is a Chinese company that – under China’s National Intelligence Law of 2017 – “may be ordered to act in this way Which is harmful to the UK. ”

Under this law, Chinese firms appear compelled to “cooperate in state intelligence operations”. This may mean handing over data to Beijing. Huawei had denied that it would ever do so.

During the interrogation, the founder, Andre Peñar Venture capital firm C5 Capital said that the Chinese government has helped finance Huawei.

In an article in December, the Wall Street Journal detailed how Huawei has received nearly $ 75 billion in loans, lines of credit and other incentives.

The Defense Committee of Britain’s Parliament said, “It is clear that Huawei is strongly connected to the Chinese state and the Chinese Communist Party, despite its statements to the contrary.”

But MPs cautioned the West not to “disseminate about anti-China hysteria” and urged Britain and its allies to “recognize the mutual benefit of Chinese participation in our economy”.

“The UK, and partners, should ensure that decisions are made around the participation of Chinese companies that are taken in an evidence-based manner, and only when there is risk exposure, decisions should be made around removal. “


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