China blames US for ‘poisoning’ relations with Britain in Huawei deal

China is blaming the US for failed plans between the UK and Chinese tech giant Huawei over plans to develop 5G.

China’s ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, said London’s decision to previously agree on London’s plans to play a leading role in the development of 5G “seriously poisoned” the UK-China relationship, Sky News reported on Thursday .

Liu said that Britain was attempting to interfere in the internal affairs of the Chinese government, by openly condemning recent national security laws established in Hong Kong and their suspension of extradition treaties.

UK decides to play Huawei role in 5G development

He further called on the UK to be “wrong-to-right”, “carelessly” condemning China’s policies relating to Xinjiang in relation to the Uygars and their actions in Xinjiang as a “so-called” human rights issue.

Liu warned the UK government against “Cold War” actors and against “remarks by anti-China forces” in and outside the UK, which have been vocal in the Trump administration’s disapproval of China’s actions about coronovirus, race. For 5G and reported human rights abuses against the Uyghur population.

Another Chinese official condemned the US action to convince countries not to allow Huawei to help develop 5G.

“The real reason for Pompeo’s hostility towards Chinese companies has nothing to do with national security or democracy, independence, fairness or reciprocity,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters on Thursday.

“This is simply because they are Chinese companies and also at the forefront of business.”

Led by US security officials, mainly Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Chinese government cited concerns about Huawei’s potential ability to demand access from overseas networks that the telecommunications company would theoretically have a hand in building .


Pompeo said in a press conference a few days before Britain’s cancellation of its agreement with Huawei, “Countries need to be able to trust that 5G tools and software are national security, economic security, privacy, intellectual property or human Will not jeopardize rights. “

Chinese officials are not wrong to blame the US authorities for Britain’s change of heart.

British officials said their decision was largely based on pressure from the US and sanctions, which made it difficult for countries to ensure equipment safety.

The UK had threatened to share intelligence with the US if the UK went ahead with Huawei, citing security concerns related to China’s potential surveillance and surveillance capabilities.

Weinbin said, “Pompio is claiming that except Huawei, countries are joining the category of ‘clean countries’.” “The so-called” clean country “is what it is saying that double standards are nothing but a code name.”

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The UK, along with the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Sweden, has heeded Pompeo’s warning for potential security threats and banned all Huawei products from future 5G networks.

“Our vigorous diplomacy has helped bring an international awakening to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) threat. The attitude of senators is changing. Pompeo said in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Thursday, stating that countries around the world are supporting America’s initiative to stop the Chinese tech giant from moving forward.

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