China begins trial of nasal spray coronavirus vaccine

China on Wednesday approved the first phase of human testing for a nasal spray vaccine, the first test vaccine for coronovirus that does not require needle injection.

The spray vaccine was co-developed by researchers at Xiaomi University and the University of Hong Kong with the help of the Bloom Vaccine, created by Bloomberg’s Beijing Vancai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise.

Previously, the intranasal spray method has been used to administer flu vaccines for people seeking an alternative to injection.

The latest vaccine marks the 10th candidate from China to enter human trials.

The announcement came after UK-headquartered company AstraZeneca was forced to stop late-stage human trials of a possible coronovirus vaccine after a spinal cord disease was detected that shot a patient.

Advanced Chinese vaccine developers such as Casino Biologics and the state-run China National Biotech Group have reassured the efficacy of their product amid failures experienced by AstraZeneca.

Cancino said that its shot remained safe in the trial and did not cause serious side effects.

One obstacle Cancino faces, however, is allowing other countries to test overseas. Critics have expressed skepticism about the Chinese-made vaccine because it allegedly triggers fewer antibodies than other products currently under test analysis, Reuters reported.

CanSino co-founder and chief scientific officer Zhu Tao defended the company’s vaccine against criticism, saying last week that the variation in antibody readings was due to different measuring methods.


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