China banned Mike Pompeo and high-ranking Trump administration officials after Biden took office

In a emphatic note published after US President Joe Biden took oath of office after Beijing time Thursday morning, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the former Trump administration official was an “anti-China politician”, with little ties between the US and China. .

“(They) have planned, promoted and carried out a series of insane tricks that have interfered in China’s internal affairs, weakened China’s interests, angered the Chinese people,” the statement said. And severely disrupted Sino-US relations. “

This move by China underscored the sinister and often hostile relationship between Washington and Beijing in Trump’s office.

Many of the 28 outgoing and former officials acknowledged by Beijing were seen as influential in helping to drive the Trump administration’s more confrontational China policy, including conflicts with Beijing over issues related to trade, technology, regional security and human rights Was seen.
Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo comments on China's foreign policy at Georgia Tech on December 9 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Among those listed by Beijing were former business advisor Peter Navarro; Former national security adviser Robert O. Bryan and his former deputy Matt Pottinger; Former Health Secretary Alex Azar; And former US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft. Former top Trump aide Steve Bannon and former security adviser John Bolton were also involved.

The 28 former officials and their immediate family members will be banned from entering mainland China, Hong Kong or Macao, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry statement. In addition, companies and institutions that have been named will be prohibited from doing business with China.

Navarro described CNN’s sanctions as “a badge of honor from the dictatorship that killed millions of people with its virus.” The Trump administration repeatedly insisted that China should take sole responsibility for the coronovirus epidemic.

Thursday’s sanctions come in the wake of a series of final steps by the Trump administration to target China, including a ban aimed at officials and an announcement on its last day that the Chinese government against Uygar Muslims and ethnic and religious minority groups The massacre was the western region of Xinjiang.
US accuses China of saying massacre & # 39;  Uygar and minority groups in Xinjiang
A week earlier, on January 11, Pompeo announced the removal of decades-old restrictions on contact between American and Taiwanese officials, a decision that prompted threats from Beijing.

China’s decision to impose sanctions against the outgoing Trump team followed comments made by Beijing in the hours before Biden’s inauguration, hoping that the new US president would “see China rationally and fairly.”

In a regular press briefing on Wednesday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying claimed that the Trump administration had made several “fundamental mistakes” during the past four years, resulting in “serious damage” to bilateral relations.

The Biden administration should instead, “look at China rationally and fairly, meet China halfway and in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, bring Sino-US relations as soon as possible to healthy and stable development” Must be pushed on the way. ” , “Hua said.

He added, “If the new US administration can adopt a more rational and responsible attitude in formulating its foreign policy, I think everyone will be warmly welcomed in the international community.”


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