China Approves 1 Human Test for COVID-19 Nasal Spray Vaccine

China on Wednesday approved a Phase 1 human trial of a COVID-19 nasal spray vaccine being developed by researchers at the University of Xiamen, Hong Kong, and children and some adults from the vaccine maker Beijing Sekai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Company Already nasal spray is available for spray vaccine. Recent research from the flu, and Washington University School of Medicine, suggested that a nasal vaccine was actually more effective than injections that protect mice against COVID-19 infection.

It is the first nasal spray vaccine candidate for COVID-19 for testing in humans, and preliminary studies have shown that it can significantly reduce lung damage in infected mice and hamsters, according to Science and technology dailyA newspaper linked to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, Bloomberg news Report. The intranasal vaccine aims to promote the natural immune response to coronovirus by combining the spike protein of the new virus with a weakened flu virus.

China now has 10 vaccines in human trials, including four in Phase 3 trials. Three Phase 3 trials are underway in the US, although AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford halted their final phase testing in the US and elsewhere this week to investigate spinal cord disease in their vaccine subjects. “Chinese drug manufacturers have done their research abroad because its outbreak at home has been under control for months,” new York Times Reports, but Beijing also effectively promises a vaccine and priority access to loans “in an attraction aimed at repairing damaged relations and to bring friends closer to areas in which China is important to its interests . ”

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