Chimpanzee escapes from the zoo, Guardian of the kicks in viral video


A chimpanzee escaped from its enclosure at the Hefei Wildlife Park in China.

A chimpanzee escaped from his camp in China's Hefei Wildlife Park on Friday morning, causing much confusion and chaos when he attacked visitors and even kicked an employee on the ground. The 12-year-old male chimpanzee, named Yang Yang, was seen running on the roof and evading capture for some time before he was shot with a transquiliser dart and returned to his cage.

According to the Daily Mail, the chimpanzee made his "prison escape" by climbing a fallen bamboo tree.

Police were called to the scene and visitors were evacuated from the wildlife park, but not before the chimpanzee ran to some of the onlookers. A video that went viral online captured the incident and also shows the chimpanzee kicking a zoo keeper on the ground.

Look the following video:

After failing to persuade Yang Yang to return to his compound, the authorities threw a rebaduring dart at him. A video shared by Hefei police shows the chimpanzee climbing to the roof before falling asleep. Then he was transferred back to his compound.

According to the authorities, no one was injured in the incident, including the one in charge of the zoo.

In 2016, a chimpanzee escaped from a zoo in Japan and avoided capture for some time by climbing a stick.

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