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Chile’s nighttime curfew, announced at the end of March to help prevent the spread of Kovid-19 through the narrow South American country, has not been universally observed by all species. Fed up with the lack of people and cars, seven mountain lions have been caught on the streets of Santiago in recent months. It now appears that big cats are not the only animals eager for a visual change.

On Monday night, residents of Puerto Sines located 1,500 km (932 mi), a coastal town south of the capital, were driven through their neighborhoods in a surprisingly decent clip of a two-ton elephant seal, certainly without a goose. The spectacle was treated. .

The elephant’s seal, which had decayed after the ashes arrived, eventually helped to return to the sea after dozens of neighbors, police and naval officials, used black tarpaulins to steer it toward the water.

“I was initially a little shocked, but because they move slowly, I calmed down and told my son to film it,” a local woman named Antonia quoted the Argentine online newspaper Infobe.

“I have never seen anyone so closely – and certainly never in the middle of the city. We see these animals from far away in the sea and therefore we do not know much about them. You do not know if they are dangerous or if they can attack someone. But we saw here that the animal was scared. ”

Jose Muñoz, a Chilean navy, said the seal had traveled a few blocks before it was directed back into the sea and away from threats posed by people and dogs.

“I would like to thank the community for their enormous support,” Münz informed Spanish news agency Affé.

“We are constantly patrolling so that [the animal] Does not return and to avoid any mishap.

Southern elephant seals, which are found in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters, are the largest members of the seal family.

Male seals can be up to 6 meters in length and weigh up to four tons, while females can reach 3 meters in length and weigh slightly less than a ton.


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