"With C de Cocinera y Coqueta": multi-shop campaign for Children's Day generates controversy | Society

August arrives and many children are happy, they know that it is close to child's day and they will be celebrated by the family. At the same time, the trade also enlists its advertising strategies to take advantage of the increase in sales, however, these are not always the most correct.

It happened in Argentina and the leading company is Carrefour, whose advertising postcards, displayed in their stores, did not leave the public indifferent in social networks, some people even called them "badist."

"Children's Day in Carrefour. With 'C' de Campeón (next to the image of a child) and with 'C' de Cocinera (accompanied by the image of a girl) "it was what was read in one of the advertisements.

The specific complaint was made by the Argentine television presenter Jorge Rial, who said: "The people of Carrefour delays. For them the boys are champions and the girls cooks. "

The people of @carrefourarg delay. For them, the boys are champions and the girls are cooks. pic.twitter.com/iqT1ccyMQW

– JORGE RIAL (@rialjorge) July 31, 2018

Another user posted other signs that indicated similar messages: "Day of the child in Carrefour. With 'C' of Constructor (with the image of a child) and with 'C' of Coqueta (next to the image of a girl). "

Faced with this situation, the chain had to apologize for this campaign in networks social, indicating that their content did not correspond to their thinking about diversity on gender roles.

"We apologize for the campaign that is in some of our branches. The same has been an error and in no way represents what our company thinks and does in terms of diversity. We are already removing images from our stores. "


Towards more modern campaigns

To discuss this issue BioBioChile communicated with the publicist Nbader Avid, creative supervisor in Agency Creativity and Intelligence, who gave his approach to the campaigns that develop with children.

"I think there are many stereotypes, which are working on advertising, which are stigmatizing children from an early age, even more if they are easily influenced, "he said.

To this he added that:" Brands must understand that this has nothing to do with a movement, but with a respectful issue. I think that if we are able to get ideas that respect and see people as equals, we should not have problems, "he said.

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At the same time, Avid explained that advertising proposals should measure in advance the effects they will have on their public, noting that at a very early age many people can be conditioned.

"In the case of Carrefour, that campaign had to have been read by at least 10 people before it was published. They did not take the weight of how the effects of their campaign can affect a child. "

Finally, the publicist baderted that a more modern initiative should include men and women in equal roles, taking charge of them. tasks, whether at home or in the workplace.

"In Latin America we are working with the base that perfectly can show a girl in ballet clbades with shoes to play soccer. An activity does not mean that others can not be performed, "he concluded.


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