Under 1717 South America 2019 Peru has difficulties and Chile may be a new organizer

South America of the department is set for March, but the Pan-American World Cup delays and its own are compare the countryside next to it.

Le: L. Rivera Talpen and J. Rubio

The Ume-American U17 is registered at the Conmebol between 6 and 30 March in three Peruvian locations. However, the nearby country has problems to organize the event, as the local government focuses on the work of Pan American Games in Lima, the Parapan Am and the World Cup , which was scheduled for October.

In this context, Chile has appeared as an option to organize this event, although nothing has been decided.

As you may know CDF News, The context in which Peru's own funding, FIFA funded, has begun to be debated among CONMEBOL's representatives in the Sub 20 South American Americans that are held in the Rancagua. "Peruvian headquarters are valued and how many events to organize this year, constantly looking at the Chilean for their ability, but nothing is reinforced, "says Quilín's source of storage is present in South America.

Although recently a new idea, Chile has always been an organizer of important events (such as the Copa América 2015 and the youth and women's world championships) and America-wide managers know that, South.

From the government, in addition, they show that they have learned about this opportunity, even though they are in a position. emphasizing the lack of formal communication yet. "We have only heard about this option, but we did not get an official request," they are arguing. In the same way, they believe that if the plan is implemented, the country has been prepared and there will be support for the acquisition of an amateur competition.

Peru also maintains how the country is designated as the headquarters (Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna) and in the coming days there should be a news.

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