Tight? Martín Cárcamo and his secret gift of secret friend to Jenny Cavallo in Fàilte | TV and Exhibition

Monday morning on Monday morning on Channel 13 the panel and animators were alive as a secret friend & # 39; full of good sense and aspirations.

So, at this time, Dr Carolina Herrera is the only republic who was currently not reporting corporately, who was working, however, she also participated in her & # 39; phone

Among all the gifts and speeches that were exchanged, a man who stole the attention of those who were present and also some of the spectators, although not particularly because of "play".

He is a gift Martín Cárcamo a Jenny Cavallo, who has been participating as a panel for a few weeks Welcome. Apparently, the animator said he had recently decided not to buy any gifts and that he gave up his home.

In this context, the reporter for the summer admiration Jenny and his companion surprised, so they started very quickly.

For the same reason, Cárcamo clearly went out to explain the purpose of his gift, which provoked even worse. Apparently, the animation of the Viña Festival said he had bought this ad for years ago as a gift to his daughter, but finally decided to give her.

He was so when he knew who something should be done, he was looking at his things and his / her; Believe that it was a good choice in the ad, especially because it is well respected by Cavallo. However, the explanations between them did not do more than laughter and express their opinions in the tight place of their pocket than something else.

Despite this, Jenny gave him a fun and he thanked the matter, even though he did not. Anxious comments if Martin's daughter wanted the ad that he could. Tonka was the time to be amazed at the gift and Cárcamo was named "chamullero" as a result of complex explanation to protect "amazing" gifts.

In social networks, evaluations were not well thought out and many were even at all; criticized that the animator had something "full-shocked", and & # 39; quizzes his class gifts and stopped several months.

Look below for some of the ideas.

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