They give warning about a serious danger to health in the consumption of red meat

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Experts from the American Lerner Research Institute, which belong to Cleveland Clinic, have discovered the poor risk of diet that is rich in red meat. Legally published on the US National Health Institutions website, the increase that causes an increase in the N-oxide of trimethylamine (TMAO) in the blood. And this is related to cardiovascular diseases.

TMAO is created by long bacteria while it is & # 39; Raising and spreading from the nutrients of red meat. The expert team made a clinical trial with 113 men and healthy women, whose aim was to investigate the impact of potatoes – from red meat, white meat or non-meat sources – to make that product.

Finally, researchers found that people who often use red meat often have TMAO levels than they do; Keep a diet that is full of white meat or plant protein.

The best news is, when the diet that is rich in red meat is abandoned, the levels of this material are significantly reduced in size; body. The main author of the study, Stanley Hazen, shows that the search "shows for the first time a remarkable impact of the dietary variation on TMAO levels". So, researcher Charlotte Pratt says that these results confirm the everyday food tips that are in place. Encouraging people of all ages to continue a healthy eating plan for their & heart that rests red meat. "(www,

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