These are the most interesting scientific events in 2018

Despite some failures, room research is still very strong and interested. Every year we will go a bit more and we're going to go. Understand a little more about the "final boundary", and 2018 had never been. During the last twelve months, we welcomed some of our favorite campaigns, we celebrated an anniversary, and we got a bit closer to its neighbor, planet Mars. As we go into a new year, we will showcase some of the most important achievements in spatial research and the most important and most important events in 2018.


Nasa outside a spirit of mission

Created by the National Aeronautics and Space Act in 1958, its space organization began to work formally on 1 October 1958. Since its inception, NASA (Air and Speech National Administration) was a non-military effort aimed at researching a civic and scientific space, and research related to a place.

NASA has opened its way to a place for the United States and internationally. Just 11 years after its formation, its space organization came to the moon and finally added 12 tiles to the surface. In the 80's, 90s and early 2000s, the program was set up for Space Shuttle, which monitors 135 episodes based on the international spa station framework. More recently, investigate their organization; sun, visiting all the planet in our solar system, we did asteroids and comets, they launched a long-term telescopic, and even they put campets to Mars.

In the future, NASA is expected to be a path that will endeavor to the red planet. NASA is planning to develop the Gateway Orbital Gateway Gateway, a small station that will be a platform for moon-to-moon operations. The knowledge gained by these NASA missions, along with the international and commercial partners, will help to bring the next step to Mars.



In August 2018, NASA launched a parker, a spacecraft designed to travel to the star's crown corridor to look at solar winds. These powerful explosions, made by Auroras Boreal, can also affect satellites in orbit and communicate with Earth. Even, occasionally, solar winds can be sufficiently strong to block global settings (GPS) and frequency frequency radio communication.

Scientists who analyze solar winds do not know how they are causing, and the Parker's look is hoping to do it; answer some of the most appropriate questions by traveling to the outdoor air, where it will be. Samples are taken directly from sunstones and magnetic fields measurement The probe also measures sun temperatures to help scientists; Understand how a comparative cold star, compared to others (6,000 Celsius degrees) can make a crown so hot and reach millions of Celsius degrees.


The most recent and up-to-date science in 2018

At 2:50 pm on Monday, November 26, 2018, InSight Lander at NASA landed successfully on Martian's surface. They had a dangerous seven minutes when the laird entered the thin Marsh scene of Hipersic distance, and dropped down on land formally. After a while, InSight took its first selfie on the surface of her & # 39; red planet.

Now on Mars, InSight is busy to collect geological data from the heart to the crust. The laird will investigate the different rock sights of the planet, measure the planetary teas and create data about the axis of the globe. Scientists hope we can not better understand Mars, but also on Earth, its differences and similarities.


ancient galactic galactic unity test trip

Following an accident in 2014 that produced a pilot life and caused a two-year hiatus, Virgin Galactic returned to its plans for tourism tourism to make commercial space. The company financed with Sir Richard Branson's four-room runner-up in 2018. The last attempt arrived in December 51 miles up to the Kármán line, or the borders between the atmosphere and the outside place, before return to the Earth safely, with a soft move in the Mojave port and space.

The data collected from the plane will be explored and used to improve the safety and achievement of future efforts. The next test journey will be used to reflect the expected commercial product weight when the ship is full of passengers. More than 600 people have purchased tickets to travel to Virgin Galactic's renewable sparkle ship. Each ticket costs $ 250,000 dollars, but Branson hopes that the price will be less than one day to $ 40 or $ 50,000.


Spacex Falcon Heavy Trips Successful Trial Flickr 1221 Trips

Another special year; in 2018 for SpaceX, and its company again appeared in the world that the future is the future of renewables. SpaceX 20 launched a blade in 2018, which exceeded the 2017 program of 18 receptions. One of the 64 most recent soldiers used in orbit, a registration number of customs for one United States resolution. The world recorder is the Polar Satellite Release (PSLV) Indian mission that used 104 soldiers in February 2017.

SpaceX continues to & # 39; amazed by renewable rockets. For the first time this year, the same driver launched the Falcon 9 was used for three different festivals and recreational activities. But the Falco 9 rocket is not the only spatial band in the SpaceX Arsenal. The company also expanded the Dragon capsule, a renewable goods ship that made its first plane in December 2010. This is a # 39; The first successful commercially built and successful boat that returns from orbit. Follow the capsule by running successful re-successful initiatives for the 2018 International Singing Spa.


ceres bart landslide ceres3
NASA & Dawn's mission came to a decision in 2018 after the run-off spacecraft boat. Dawn slippers were launched in September 2007 and covered more than 4.3 billion miles (4.3 billion) in its 11 years of work. You want to & # 39; The mission was to investigate Ceres on the Ceres and the Vesta asteroid bullet plane in the asteroid belt.

The images and the data they received from the mission gave us information about the origins of our solar system and how it could have been developed in the early years. It also provided a close view of the planet, and a look at the asteroid that is a shows that there was a rocky underground ice. Now his useful life has come to an end, Dawn speeds will continue to shake Ceres squares.


transita exoplanet transits2 air starfield editable 02 20x30

After nine years of prolongation of pronouncing the deep place of his & her; searching for new ideas, Kepler spawned potassium was removed from its fuel and delivered the final images in 2018. Interestingly, it was designed to work only for 3 years and a half, but continued to work much more than the date, and thanked NASA scientists in which he was in a position; going for another five years.

This telescope will definitely leave a great legacy. During that time, Kepler collects data on thousands of plans outside of our solar system, and many of that new information is now available to the public.

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