There are 121 complaints uploaded by experts want to contribute to the project to develop the National Reformation Code

A 121 complaints were increased, across the country, for the unveiling of unauthorized images on the site, as explained by the Research Police. Experts ask the government to develop barriership policies and to improve its project to reform the Marriage Code, to punish cyber bullying.

Between April and May This year is the date put by the Government to the Transport, the project that is going to be. trying to introduce changes to the current Criminal Code, from the nineteenth century.

The Justice Minister, Hernán Larrana, confirmed that the campaign would including sanctions against those who display unauthorized images. All this, the continuation of online bullying allegations on the website, where images and women's data, and # 39; including older people, are published.

Sub-secretar Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell, said the next reform insert new text of offenses.


At this time, the PDI Combination Research Brigade will carry out the research that is in the process; looking for moderators on the content of the port.

Until Thursday, this police unit reported up to 121 complaints throughout the country, where it was 25 responding to young people.

Public policy inspector of NGO Digital Rights, Marianne Díaz, raised the need to forward the release of a new Marriage Code, and to prepare the currently processed bills in the & # 39; Of Congress.

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Javiera Moreno, lawyer with the Rights of Protection Trust, asked the Government to work on procedures prevention and education, to maintain data privacy.

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Parliamentary senators of the Chamber and Senate Constitution committees agree that the length of this time can be reviewed on the "Legal Packs" project, as well as another who will control of Personal Data Protection. Both catches in the Upper House.

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