The Redmi gaming smartphone will be presented this April 27 and will be part of the Redmi K40 series

Redmi does not want to be left behind after the presentations of its Redmi Note, and now it will be nothing less than a gaming entry that will concentrate its work, and will be part of the K40 series, which already has like 5 different names in other brands and markets .

It was the same company that in its social networks in China has revealed that the team will have the name Upgraded version of the Xiaomi Redmi K40 game and it will have some interesting news as we can see in the image.

The new Redmi gaming phone arriving on April 27 will be part of the K40 series

For the first time we can see that the team will have buttons on the shoulders so that we can play our favorite shooters, And the design of the camera is the same as what we see in this year’s formats, because now we have two large sensors and a small one in the middle.

We still have 7 days to get to know the team in all its splendor, but here at launch, it is likely that we no longer have doubts about any of the characteristics of this team.

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