The new opportunity of Bolados in Colo Colo after UC and the Red

Bolados Phones He will avenge him Colo Colo. The invader returns to Macul after the league at the Catholic University and can fight for a guardian's office under Mario Salas.

Although the opportunity was returned to another club at some point, the coach agreed before Christ Sport against the vision of Marcelo Espina: provides a new opportunity for this 2019. And this was confirmed by the Wednesday sports leader: "He's going to live," he said.

Bolados came in mid-2016 at Monumental. However, with Pablo Guede he never received continuity and in the beginning of 2018 he was sent to a Catholic University.

The way forward was not as successful as Antofagasta, but at least he took part in 18 duels during his competition ending with his herring title. Complete the connection with the UC and return to the place where it has a contract until mid 2020.

It is the idea of ​​adding participation and security, as Reinaldo Rueda asked. The Red Shakespeareer hopes to win and the nominations were clear: they visited Sweden at the beginning of the season, and was named in the last relatives of 2018, against Costa Rica and Honduras.

Now, with Mario Salas on the plane, he will try to overcome the lost time in the Chilean football to return to the place as one of the great commitments. And so, perhaps, a dream about a place in the Copa América 2019.

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