The investigation is closed again without a guilty: Name the temporary suspension of the Case of Matute

In a case that did not finish, the curtains were closed again. Minister Carola Rivas, who is in charge of Matute Johns's death cause, said the case had been restored on Monday morning.

According to Radio Bío Bío, his / her master's decision was made after the file of the Concepción Appeals Court file, which was rejected on 12 December, refused and new issues refused to add other questions to & # 39; case.

So, the case has been closed again without the responsibility of dying and doing. leaving the young student in 1999. Remember that his case was closed in 2010, following the investigations that were not given light; authors of the fight or how to be killed, dissertation were then treated. However, in 2014 the issue was opened again, following a report from the Legal Medical Service to confirm that Matute Johns was drug-controlled by pentobarbital.

Unfortunately, these years can not find more information in addition to the presence of that drug, which is often used for attacks or sexual offenses. In fact, the ultimate is not ultimate, so finally its case can continue. However, the only way in which one of the most important investigations of the re-opening of the last time in Chile will depend on a & # 39; emerging sectors.

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