The Channel 13 carries out profits of $ 1,500 million and CHV has a & # 39; loss reduction in $ 1,000 million

Profits were linked to Andrónico Luksic receiving profits for the second verse after that, Contributing profits for $ 1,548 million in nine months.

Television stations Channel 13 and Chilevisión have progressed their economic performance in the third quarter of this year. In the case of the signal connected to the entrepreneur Andrónico Luksic, in the period January to September, he added profits of $ 1,548 million, which is compared to the loss of $ 7,588 million in the # 39 ; first nine months of 2017. This number was & # 39; represents a second second continuous continuation in which the company reports blue figures.

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In this advanced development, the Channel 13 balance reflects the 16.4% increase in revenue to September, and closing this way with a total sum of $ 58,783 million. The company stated that the promotion of advertising was the main features that were presented, the incredible work of the sale of underground devices to produce production spaces to the Spanish Secuoya company, and the movement of antennas to Torres Unidas, who has been gradually graduating for four years.

This was a better cost setting, ranging from $ 50,987 million from September 2017, to $ 46,685 million from the same month this year. The 8.4% reduction "responds, in part, to a variety of low self-esteem programs and more purchase of packed programs," said the company.

In terms of expectations for the end of the year, the channel is confirming that the route through the fourth quarter of 2018 will allow them to continue to maintain profits, even if they do not. warns that their level may be lower depending on how well the advertising industry has looked at. in the last few months.

Chilevisión lost a 71% loss reduction

For this, Chilevisión's description reduced the 71% loss in the third quarter of this year, which was reduced by more than a billion pesos to reach $ 413 million. In this way, the figures in red are in the # 39; The first nine months of this year is $ 7,297 million, with $ 104 million less than the same period of 2017.

The station said that the main explanation for this development in July was the increase in normal revenue by 21% to $ 14,473 million in total. "This is the fourth largest in Chile's last three years, especially with the success of our Main Barrier, which has grown 16% housing and 33% in commercial level. " Compared to last year, CHV was not delivered from third to second, in the same, the only channel that has increased by 3% in the housing level, "said Anselmo Grané, CFO of Turner Chile.

Based on these results, the officer estimated that they could identify a turning point, depending on the estimate of the channel, "during the last quarter of the year, the loss could be further reduced".

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