The Billiards who have won most (and lost) in 2018

The markets may be sinking, but this has not hindered the creation of much power in 2018.

Fortnite was a favorite place, which led people to go in for a & # 39; suffered by video games, and Tim Sweeney released a fortune of $ 7,200 million this year. Autry Stephens is US $ 11,400 million after Energy Power Productions to offer offers that gave the oil company the value of up to $ 15,000 million.

Sweeney and Stephens were just two of the 31 people who entered the Bloomberg billionaires restaurant in 2018, although the rise in global trade conflicts and flowing down in the US markets of loss $ 1 trillion among those shown in the stage.

Denise Coates, founder and executive director of the Bet365 online betting house, adds to the other list. Cats are almost 10 times richer than Isabel II, according to their rating.

While Coates had a good year, many of the wealthy people of a market holding have received negative figures. The 500 richest people in the world lost US $ 451,000 million this year, which compared their US $ 1 billion to their fortune in 2017.

The next winning and lost billiards in 2018.

The winners

The Singaporeans in Singapore were better in terms of dollars by earning $ 2.5 billion. This has led to the wealthiest country wealth to a general value of US $ 38,000 million.

Jeff Bezos, founded by Amazon and the richest man in the world, the biggest winner in 2018 for the second year in a series. Growing its value worth around US $ 24,000 million, to $ 123,000 million, but even saved from falling stock market. Having reached the highest point in September, Bezos saw his fortune with some $ 45,000 million.

Despite the loss of almost $ 76 billion of the billion billion of the summer this year, some of the richest people in the country helped them; increase their assets. This is the case of Lei Jun, founder of the smart phone maker Xiaomi. Jun completed the second back on Bezos among the biggest winners in 2018, adding his fortune to $ 8.6 billion.


Bloody Americans suffered the biggest loss this year, a $ 76 billion decline, largely due to the December market accident. Mark Zuckerberg's record was the most famous decline in 2018 when Facebook was from one crisis to another. Its net value was reduced by almost $ 20,000 million, leaving the 34-year-old man with a fortune of $ 53,000 million.

The Chinese Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma and Ma Huateng are three of the top 10 of the biggest losses this year. Fifty people left the list, including 11 from China or Hong Kong, nine from the USA. and four out of Russia.

Among those who leave the list are Andrej Babis, prime minister of the Czech Republic, who is fortunate from Agrofert's chemical and agricultural company, and Russian delegation Oleg Deripaska, and the high-rise value when Rusal's activities fell against concerns that the aluminum giant could stop the result of US sanctions.

Unfortunately, 13 billionaires rated this year, including Paul Allen, Hong Kong's proprietor, Walter Kwok and Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who was the owner of a football club. English League, Leicester Town.

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