The best months of Fortnite in 2018

Fortnite has been a clear landlord in 2018. The title Epic Games has had a huge impact on most of the playing communities and has been rated as the best for Twitch and one of the best players.

For this reason, now we have welcomed the year, we have prepared a special collection about Fortnite, which is challenge – –by the way– – up to 2019, which can not be easily considered where he left the bar in 2018.

Within the Fortnite site there are two correct names that stand above their excess: Tyler & Ninja & # 39; Blevins and Turner & # 39; Tfue & # 39; Tenney. The most famous of this video game are in 2018.

Ninja has been the most famous content creator in the world and has achieved 5000 impacts at Fortnite. For it, Tfue wants to play a lot of the best player, as shown by the Fall Skirmish.

That's why Fortnite's best collection of the year is I can not leave these two figures. Here's some sad memories to forget:


Although a company has repeatedly recounted it is not the main objective of entering into an electronic sports world, that is the truth we have seen the first Fortnite competitions.

It is true that they have a specific failure to improve them for 2019, but things have also been done well; we can not forget events such as Fall Skirmish or Winter Winter.

In a short time, Fortnite has given us some unbelievable many, large hours of playoffs fun and impossible.

Now Epic Games has a new affair: to make 2019 so spectacular because this is 2018. The challenge is not easy, but all their habitats are to be achieved.

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