State heads of state asked to expand all the time

For almost two hours they met on Monday headteachers of 18 universities with the head of Mineduc Higher Education Department, t Juan Eduardo Vargas, to ask the ministry extension unpaid. tbefore any loss of funding is made to those who are in the latter's role.

This year, an estimated 27,000 students lost the money without delay in delaying their inspectionsthe context in which the leaders are required to amend higher education law to extend the funding to those who were unable to wind their career in the appropriate time.

In this regard, Chile's leader, Vivaldi was born, he said, "they are expected, and positively, so students experience more difficulties when they come from more vulnerable environments, which has less support than what they now call cultural capital in their family, where they are less able to train, they have fewer access to books. '

The university authority said "it seems to me that it is important to resolve this issue." that most students are being harmed by the smallest resources with the smallest resources"

The meeting also discussed it universities' commitment to gender equity, however, because a series of measures have been developed following discussions with bodies involved in the whistling movement, such as the establishment of gender units or directions, the elimination of sexual abuse and any unlawful discrimination. the right and recognition of the social name of hybrids.

The delegates meet a vice-president Cruch

In the same line, delegates from the Education Committee of the Lowland Committee met post-president Cruch; Aldo Valle, and They highlighted the need to debate the issue of free education for vulnerable students.

Deputy Cristina Girardi (PPD) said “when this bill was processed in the House by the Scottish Government (Michelle) Bachelet, by Yasna Provoste we are providing a direct portrait to expand the money outside of the formal role. "

“The argument we put forward is that young people are benefitting from money without young people who have more problems, who are more likely to be working, who are making the gaps , said he.

Again, for a couple RN Diego Schalper indicated that a special time each race should be reviewed so that the money is in line with: “If it lasts for five (years), we will extend one, if it lasts for three, we will extend one semester, that is, that it is harmonious."

“This needs to be linked to the commitment of universities, firstly to review all their occupations, second year, to study their summer academic seasons, that is, until there is academic terms until avoid the expansion, third, that we are able to achieve performance agreements on the outcomes of these resources, and fourthly, that there are appropriate systems in place where the university commits itself to an effort. gradually, we cannot delay delaying the normal timescale, "he proved.

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