Sony Xperia XZ3, reviews and analysis after 30 days of use

Xperia XZ2 said it was the start of a beautiful relationship. With the Sony Xperia XZ3 we continue with its & # 39; design, the destination is turned and on the fire OLED Technology for the screen. The Japanese manufacturer is not a friend of great changes and is obvious in the lack of a double camera or without the notch & n. But as we have seen in the analysis, things like their ultimate camera are closer to the one who is expecting a manufacturer of the best manufacturers in the market.

We have passed month with Sony Xperia XZ3 and here we tell us about our knowledge. Is the change to the OLED screening doing harm to itself? Do we have enough power with 4GB of RAM and the 845 Snapdragon? Do we miss second camera camera back? We try to answer those questions and if we are going to answer them, Reflect if Sony's latest textphone is up to the rest of the years.

Comparison, curved and attractive design

After a number of years on Omnibalance, Sony gave the expected jump to the 18: 9 screens with smaller frames. New Ambient Flow design Leave behind the straight line and attach to the bone one of its marks. In a market where it is likely to go to a full screen design, the change was to be expected. However, the XZ2 had a clear problem: its thickness. With the Sony Xperia XZ3 fortunately the design is cleaned and we have a machine with dimensions closer to the average in the upper range.

Despite not being lightweight, Sony Xperia XZ3 is comfortable to work. And this is the problem that facilitates help easier. We do not think it's potato size and with this Xperia XZ3 we have finally got a fair term. This year many brands have taken a positive step in the development of the frames with the notch & # 39; but Sony, as it has been traditional, has decided to go a bit. It has these benefits and that is ours symmetrical design and that's all that's true. We tried other phones with more detailed design, but it's not as easy as Xperia XZ3.

Sony Xperia Xz3

Crystals are the main element. He is very aware of being delighted and we have also been relaxing this month due to & # 39; Gorilla Glass 5 has been introduced. Despite doing it all over time and to be very slippery, it's just a little scratch on its; the summit. When we leave the movable on the horizontal surface it will move alone and at this stage there is room for development for Sony. There is another point where the Xperia XZ3 could be developed in the oleophobic series. Typically, the crystals are typically filled with fingerprints, but in some model it is not so obvious that this one is. Fortunately, the back camera that opens a fingerprint is good and is not easy to carry it even though we put the branch there.

Sony Xperia XZ3 is a very good mobile phone. It is converted, the crystal offers a great sense and the illness is a; Helps a great deal with the grid. It is slippery and the reader is not good, but the end result is very positive.

The disease is also present in the front. Sony decided to include an OLED panel with 3D curved glass, so many of the sides as it is on top. The pronunciation is very small and does not disturb the vision, but it does not contribute to plus when it comes to taking the fire. Above the board, it changes slightly, but when the reduction is reduced it does not; disturbing such being used as in previous models.

Ambient Exhibition

Usually, the Xperia XZ3 is against water. We do not have to worry if our hands are wet or use it in the water. In fact, the USB port must be completely dry before it is cut and all cover must be closed. Especially the highest cover is the most intake. The Xperia XZ3 has the nanoSIM and microSD descendants at the top of the Xperia XZ3. Its machine also benefits and disadvantages. That is a good part we do not need the normal security to get the SIM, which is good for those with several phones. The negative section when you open that cover, is necessary to restart the mobile phone.

Search Engineer

What do I have on the Sony fingerprint sensor? Typically, the Japanese manufacturer can not find the key in the context of the reader. We got it on the side for a while and in the last Xperia we find it in the background but it is focused, two centimeters under the usual place. Missing her first day, but after a week you'll be accustomed to. It's not the natural situation. When you hold your mobile phone the branch is up, but the move just slides down. In my case, I do not seem so unnatural to have fewer hands. I'm surprised when I return to my own mobile phone, Pixel 2 XL, my finger will go to my cell phone. going to a lower position. An Xperia XZ3 has been managing these weeks to unfit the situation; opened.

On the other hand, the Xperia XZ3 face recognition is very basic. The sensor faces enough lighting and is fast, but it is behind what is seen on other phones.

Sony has been designed to shape and with the Xperia XZ3 we are doing; believe that it has reached an important level of quality. He is constantly trying to improve, but without our knowledge the desirable design is expected to be a key perspective.

Multi-media knowledge that brings a new jump with the OLED

Sony Xperia Display

Sony Xperia XZ3's original novel is his dedication to the OLED screen and we're believe he has been successful. The change is undoubtedly good for the expertise being offered to a very high standard. there is very sharp, HDR tuning and right difference. The highest color is very tall and it does not suffer especially when we go to it; look at her side.

The illness makes some rare reflection and the call is not very good, but the OLED panels are used to the highest level and the product is very good; pleasure.

The side effects of the disease cause the content to make the ends out of sight. We are only fond of it small reflection on the edge, but it is not an inconvenience in opposition. The fact is that the Xperia XZ3 video watch is good. I support larger panels, but I'm going to Seeing many of those weeks with him.

Sony allows us to select the range and range of colors of the screen. In my case I am going to; Feeling comfortable with the usual Triluminos, since the professional mode, which is still more expensive, gives us a friendly ruin to travel or to; visit social networks. I can not talk about it quite lively, as it seemed to be a robot that I did not just look at it. Usually I do not use Netflix on my handset due to its limitations, but some chapters have fallen and I reinforce my opinion about the screen: One of the best panels I've tried this year.

Sony Xperia Netflix

In terms of the light, the highest level is sufficiently high enough that it is not an IPS panel. Despite this, we have chosen the booklet from then on we have transient clarity on playing games on us. More than its & # 39; account and not correctly find the most appropriate. Despite this, the glass does not Creating almost any reflections, so we have a great knowledge of our outdoor battle.

Send an OLED panel to a & # 39; Your priority is an additional benefit and that includes the environmental screen. Sony gives us many options, from a & # 39; submit in, and display messages, stickers or a & # 39; changing the watch. We value this type of small ones that do not; preventing our daily knowledge but allows us to customize our mobile phone to our will. In my case I am better with a more minimalist screen, but Sony has a great deal. add to this new option and do so with interesting situations.

Why do we say that the Sony Xperia XZ3 is good for moving multimedia content? Typically, as well as offering a very good panel, added to good sound at your height.

The stereo speakers may not be the most powerful but their loyalty has been very good. We do not have a 3.5mm device but if a manufacturer that makes us clear, Sony is just with Bluetooth mobile phones as well as the WH-1000XM3. Amongst the extra options of this Xperia XZ3, the decline is vibrant according to the sound, although that particular situation has not been so positive.

Amazingly in performance although it is just right in devolution

Xperia usage

At the level of fluency and performance, Sony Xperia XZ3 is not willing to move to almost a mobile phone. It's only 4GB of RAM but it is not a problem if we do not make it really complex. Sony's current installation is very light and we are stock-like knowledge, both in appearance and in performance.

As a regular Android user, I note that the Pixel is one point ahead but the Xperia XZ3, Android 9 Pie and Snapdragon are just 845. In these last days I also had another powerful user phone with twice RAM and, in fact, we'd like to choose the Sony when I was taking it in the evening.

One point I'd like to find in the Xperia and Sony has been retained. Of the 64GB only We have 47GB free, enough but not desirable. There are not many preliminary applications and some of the similarity to the 3D video or 3D creator are unsure, however, with Xperia Lounge that we are not very happy. It's a nest of advertising that's a # 39; Contact us from time to time and not to do it; Looking from time to time we have not found anything that has taken care of us.

Small application of uncomfortable software is the application form. It works just like Google and we can order the requests as we want, but in our left range offers gadgets that really support bids; confirm the information. I'm also sorry that the apps are installed to & # 39; go straight to the desk. I never expected it to miss it, but that's how it was. Yes, some options such as handhelds to control one another, although I'm not ready now, can be accustomed to the sensor sideways.

We have 4GB of RAM enough, although we have 128GB choice. The performance is excellent and the phone does not heat up. The software is also very clean, although Sony has added a bit with little enhancement that we do not; give us a lot.


The performance of Xperia XZ3 will be validated. Each game is fluid and the atmosphere is great. We have noticed that it is tight either. But this good result does not exist in devolution, where something is right for a high end.

Typically the bulk points contain a larger battery. In the case of the Xperia XZ2 we have made progress against the previous generation, but in devolution we are still fairly fair. The 3,300 mAh will provide a day of intense use, but ends the day wanting the time. It responds well and we will Getting around five hours of screen time, but not one of the cell phones that you're leaving together, and # 39; understand that you're going up with anything you do.

The saving methods are helpful and we have a corresponding answer to a Qi wireless fee. But again this section of the battery is somewhat loose due to a lack of fast tax. Used to new technologies, The Sony is about 3 hours to let us know something cold. Repented pattern: Sony Xperia XZ3 is a very moving and well-built, but it is clear that Japan's manufacturer does not manage the R & D investment to move. And that is high quality.

Sony is closed, but it is not still the best mobile camera roof

Xperia Xz3 camera

Two eyes see more than one. Unlike the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, the Xperia XZ3 continues to promise to & # 39; unique camera. I would not be surprised if Xperia is in the future; decide that this second lens will be included, but at present we do not have it. After that, as my partner Javier said in the analysis, the Sony camera section is going to improve greatly.

An Sony Xperia XZ3 rear camera is high. It does not get details of the Pixel or with so many opportunities as to & # 39; Huawei, but it's a qualifying camera on a 2018 main feature.

The Sony camera app is right. The simple softboards and only options such as the HDR hidden in manual mode, the rest is easy to use. We have noticed a specific fragment, although nothing else happens in other models. However, the most fun thing is A physical button for her camera. It is different, the right situation, it is simple and useful in many cases. Failure to break the minimum of the design, this button is a special special link.

19 megapixels with Exmor RS Tri-stack house sensor with 1.22μm piogsail. We have previously had a previous camera in Xperia and has improved the BIONZ process. The product? On the right side

Dsc 0294

In the day the pictures are great. The field is excellent, good Colors are very successful and the information is high. In the preview of the picture, this information is not provided with much information, but when we go to the gallery the image is very correct.

It's not the fastest focus, here we would like the Xperia XZ3 something better. In some cases we have given inspirational pictures when they are set out in other streets.


Scenes such as backlight & # 39; no nighttime. We do not have a full night mode but the camera can save the setting well. Sony Xperia XZ3 has a very definite camera at night desirable and very detailed even in nightclubs. We also have a manual that allows us to play with the ISO and be able to explain the image in these scenes more difficult.

Dsc 0324
picture 2

The type of photographs taken susceptible to lack of attention. The HDR mode is not almost used and between its application and retention, there are no major changes. The gradient is very accurate, but it is accomplished by increasing the color of the pictures as large as causing the chiaroscides to be worse than what they want.

Dsc 0212

Among the instances I found interesting is the precarious capture, which makes a number of images and its; keep one. We do not have much room, but it is useful to get a better picture. We have also augmented factual modes, Google Lens, violin and sound photography. They are extremely spectacular but in any mobile we can achieve the same effects by downloading third party requests.


In the mode of design where you are; Note that there is a lack of another camera. To achieve the desired bokeh effect, two images will be taken, and # 39; focus on two different places. The product can be modified according to the intensity, but the accuracy is not up to date. Many areas are cut, areas are not correctly identified and there is no solution, even if AI, is to provide a good picture. No next year they will jump to the second camera outside of the & # 39; Premium model should not do their job better.


In terms of camera face, Sony Xperia XZ3 is a & # 39; surprised well. The fulfilled selfies are full of information, the colors are good and the dynamic range is superb. Even in dark scenes, the camera does not face its & # 39; suffer so much. It's surprising because in this section the cameras tend to decrease.

Photo Selfie

An Video recording is one of your strengths. The installation is good, we have a chance to record up to 4K HDR and its focus, although it's a bit attractive, is also right. In addition, Stressing sound sound recording. Handheld to perform concerts. In terms of the super-slow camera, the Xperia XZ3 is up to 960fps in 1080p. He is the only one who does it, though he does not have a different truth in either. The control is somewhat difficult and you have to measure correctly, but it allows you to make videos.

With the Sony Xperia XZ3 I have pictures that I enjoy and both nights and days the results are very accurate. Out of the best designing method without being able to talk and the procedure could be a faster thing, but it's a camera that does not; A great walk from the top 5. This competition is very good this year even though Sony is still not there; jumping, Xperia XZ3 camera It's a great deal.

One month with the Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony Images

I'm very happy with the Sony Xperia XZ3. One of those phones that are difficult to return to an analyst. It is a smart and easily managed smartphone with high design. The loop makes it easy to break and the size is correct. I have been used for larger phones, but for most users, six inches are ready.

Sony has a sufficiently mobile fire to make it comfortable and even though he has been making better development, it's a good picture. Unmistakably, with a tough problem and a big sense of attention. It's pretty slippery and it's not as special as the previous design, but Sony Xperia XZ3 is very good. I have even used it for the lower finger reader, although the biggest thing is that my hands are smaller.

The change to the OLED screen is a need for Sony to have a "# head. Sony's multimedia section is a strong thing and with the new panel they will still be able to. protect their circumstances. If we add to that great sound, we have a mobile phone in which we are ready to replicate more content than we were thinking. The performance is also very good and it is sad that something will be just devolution. Right but not to be sure. And just these small points that often mean that the balance will be n u0026; enjoying side or side.

Sony is at a distance, but with the Xperia XZ3 they have a good product by hand and it's a? provide good knowledge. The OLED screen is excellent, the sound is very good, the camera has become better and the software is delivering fluency. This is not the latest latest range, but Sony's mobile phone may have been full and fair in recent years.

In the portraiture section, there is a step forward, with very definite results in a few minutes and a good video, but with details it should continue to evolve as a focal point, an arbitration or design mode. Sony is still expected for 2018 high, but still does not make the big jump which allows them to fight as the best camera in the market.

More than Sony Xperia XZ2 version 1.0, with the XZ3 that says in technology that the second generation is good. 2018 has come to many changes in the movable mobile department and perhaps for that reason Sony and its conservation philosophy have been good to live in what works. A destination that achieves a level of quality and balance until next year they can decide something else at risk. It's not the latest or the best quality / price, but I think we will see Xperia XZ3 over the years. It is too bad that living in the wild world of mobile technology should be faster.

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