Racism? The controversial games about Maluco in New Year's CHV that disturbed the networks

To mark the new year, the various television shows put programs to wait for 2019. In terms of it Chilevision they took advantage of the location of their program "The Night is Ours" for a good party.

Here were several figures on Jean-Philippe Cretton, Felipe Vidal and Pamela Díaz, such as Iván Arenas, Don Carter, La Botota, Alejandro Arriagada, Luli, Maluco, Willy Sabor, Tommy Rey and Sonora, among others .

Those who were also the Highland Athletes, gave an uncomfortable feeling.

When only 7 minutes left at 12 midnight on December 31, Jean-Philippe began a speech sent to Silence, where he spent himself words to indigenous people and emigrants.

At the moment, things have been suspended, as "Pato" gave up the Maluco athletes and he did something like taking it out of the studio, saying "I want to thank the emigrants."

While there was a little smile, Cretton said immediately "always with love " and I accept the & # 39; Brazilian, who allowed to talk about migration in Chile.

Take CHV

"I want to thank the Slabs for all the good spirits of the emigrants, and The kind of humanitarian support they have made for all of them. Welcome to the Haitians, and to every country that came, "said Maluco.

But in the middle of his honest words, "Duck" stopped again Remove the microphone to make fun of the way in which he speaks.

This tour was taken by the Twitter account Televisively, and did not submit it Share this minute question through social networks.

Here you will see part of the program and draw your own results.

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