Prisoner prisoner for driver who caused carabinero death in police control

Ann The cautious arrest of the driver was killed by Carabineros officers after police control this Saturday in the Paine, in the Metropolitan Department.

A 23-year-old man was named and Jaime Rodriguez was seized by police control, which led Sergeant Rodrigo Valenzuela Dodge your carriage, hit by an international bus, who affected his death.

According to procurator Jorge Carmona, The risk will threaten 11 years imprisonment.

"It is formed by three illegitimate, with a & # 39; how many killings, with the truth to run out without telling a traffic accident that caused death and also you do not have the necessary license"he said.

"He stayed, he was responsible for the factual danger, the commissioning form, the crimes, in the precautionary step of controlling," said persecution.

San Bernardo Court established it The study's 120 day of study results.

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