President UC: Buonanotte is not a problem, it's likely to be going on

The president of the Catholic University, Juan Tagle, in conversation with him Light Heavy Extreme, he commented on the publication on this Monday of his newspaper Mercury, worthy of sure that the UC would not update the management wheel, Diego Buonanotte in June, an extinguished position and indicated that the most likely is the transandino. Continuing as Chile football player.

"The truth, I do not know where the news came from. With Diego there are no problems, we value his contributions in the & # 39; club and when the date of their correspondence comes (in mid 2019 the contract ends) the two parties allow The interest we continue to work is likely to be like that"said Tagle.

In addition, he said we have a "renewal policy, where we play short players before they finish their connections, so we did by Germán Lanaro and now everything is very advanced so that it is still going on, in the same way as our priorities; trained at home"

In another case, the head of the "precordillerano" wrote a charter on how to leave the Spanish coach Beñat San José, saying "Beñat was not worried about me. The two technologies have come out in the best way. He went out of the way, which we also praised, with a different contract. We will continue as friends and we He looks great at his campaign and he is for the club. So it's uncomfortable. "

In the same way, the situation outlined the interest of the University of Shile as a true person Luciano Aued, to ensure that "We learned about the interest of the U, but I do not know who was thinking about that we were doing; going to rid Luciano ".

"When they contacted us, we said we were not happy to strengthen the U by a player that many thought it was the best in broadcasting. There is no agreement called a gentleman called us, we are the ones we did not accept"he said.

Quinteros Future and the consolidations for 2019

Juan Tagle, also mentions the arrival of Argentine coach Gustavo Quinteros, to ensure that "we have long-term training staff, a very successful job and has made many players come true. In addition, it is very much in agreement with the players we are seeking ".

In addition, he was sure about establishing the 2019 squad "that we are doing well, and move forward as we expect. Initially, the modernization of Dituro, is now almost ready for Germán. We proceed to the left, I'm not going to say the name, and we look for a couple and a center on.

On the other hand, he said "Amazing" the statements on Andrés Vilches, who said he changed his position in the Catholic by leaving Beñat San José.

Eventually, he tried to play young players for every season, saying "cWe are only interested in paying for exhibitors, two or three million dollars we use a little later, and with the idea that its investment is; in them and are not lost. He does not work to foreign countries, since the players outside we bring in, we'll try to test, "he closed.

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