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The Moto team typically includes the best midfielder teams every year, but still it's a? maintain its reputation? This is the Moto G7 Plus.

Since we met the first Moto G; This line of Motorola car phones became one of the most famous people, although not for the same reasons it was Samsung S no iPhone. The difference is that Motorola has been the midfielder cell phones that showed high quality at a reasonable price. Well, it's good and cheap.

We met the new Moto G7 family recently and it's the same question from each year: Do they still have a? maintain the quality that lives up to their client expectations? Is it worth it? We'll try it out Moto G7 Plus and this is what we have to say.

Moto G7 Plus: what's it

To start talking more about this airport; It's easy to start by getting to know your specifications. This is what it takes inside and out:

This is the "gala" model. The most expensive in the family and the one with the best assignations.

Screen: 6.24 inch – 1080x2270px IPS LCD

More important: Snapdragon 636


Rooms: 16MPf / 1.7 + 5MP dual and for 12MPf / 2.2 camera camera selfies

Battery: 3,000 mAh

First sight, family planning but updated

The design of this building has changed, although not very much. Seeing it, you can do your older brother; left last year; although the screen shows that we are in another time: age or death. Although the tale we see in the top of the top of the big screen, it does not make it sense; although you can not say it's too big. You will be able to live with her.

In relation to the body's body; It is made of glass And yes, Gloe's Gloile is in front and behind; and that's very practical, because it has the same problem with the number of other cell phone phones made with glass: he will pull you from your hand. As a benefit we find out that Motorola has decided that there will be a clear plastic defender that will be in place. eliminate inconvenience.

Motorola decided to keep the fingerprint reader on his back in the design, just under the camera. It's not a bad idea, it's well placed and you do not have to achieve them.


The screen that is framed on its & # 39; phone 6.2-inch Full HD LCD and a pixel density of 405 ppi. It's big, and if you add that the edges are now very ill; As a result, there is a screen in which you can look quietly on videos, movies or series. In addition, the team has a good sound: Dolby Audio is proven.

It's not the most amazing brand on the market. Indeed, in this area, it is a bit short, but it's made upright with a superior resolution, more than an appropriate tune and a colorful color. It's a screenshot medium range, Yes, but very good among your own ones.

Battery and performance

The battery is 3,000 mAh; little to be 2019 cell phone though enough for a day, depending on how to use it. If you are one of the people who have the mobile phone all day long or use the camera too, charge your goods outside you; Especially if you're thinking that you are in a position; going home for a good night. We would have liked me with the company to give us a more powerful battery.

In terms of performance, the mid-range expectations are. The common submissions do not give you trouble: they will be & # 39; runs smoothly and open quickly. However, when you want to play heavy games or use double work, you will feel slowly. Are there any of our powers? Yes, certainly, although you want it for "common" use such as social networks and pictures, performance is better.


Now let's talk about one of the most important sections for people when they talk about a new device: a & # 39; camera. The Moto G7 Plus is good, again, to talk about a media team.

The pictures you get with this photocopy are good, to dry. Especially when there is an adequate source of lighting; because we keep going on. The Moto always struggles with the Moto: its camera does not stand out in bad weather. We still see deeper images than they should when the light is not plentiful.

Here are two examples:

In summary: the G7 Plus camera is "good" for drying. It could be worse, but it could be a lot better too. Your best stage will happen out in the light of the day. Inside or in low light, Motorola is not yet accessible. With this video It's just the same story.

And then?

G7 Plus is there or not? Again, it is hanging. It is a good meadow team and does not have it; price is too high. It will give you what you're paying for, certainly. If you want it for social networks, autobuses, calls, messages and movies or watch lines, go on. It will help you with this and a little more without any problem and for a fair price.

But … is always there but. If you want, for example, a team to play Fortnite, take professional photos or more. running application applications; This is not your team: it will be short.

Summary: a team that gives you what she promises, but not a bit more. Relationships price and quality and an appropriate midfielder reporter.

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