Palestine falls to Talleres for the third phase of the Copa Libertadores Soccer

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Diego Lima / Agence France-Presse

Palestine dreams of classification to & # 39; group of the Copa Libertadores from 2019 this Wednesday when he was back in the third round Workshops of Córdoba, after drawing 2-2 in the first leg.

Palestinian alignment:

I. González; Véjar, A. González, Mago, Soto; Cortés, Farías, Fernández, Jiménez; Gutiérrez and Passerini

Reach to the workshop:

Herrera; Bersano, Komar, Araujo, Tenaglia; Ramírez, Guiñazú, Cubas, Pochettino; Moreno and Palacios

The equality gained by the Tino & # 39; in the first leg in Argentina really, to get over 0-2 to put it close to her; class. With any draw or pull, the squad & Arab; progressively to their organization.

In the front row, the Cordovan sweeper must win or achieve attractiveness in three or more goals to overcome the key. In a 2-2 equality case the sequence will be defined by penalties.

The evil eye of Chile

The fans will support the Silein board, and # 39; The majority was created by members of the Palestinian wide colony in Chile.

The largest community of Palestinians is outside the areas that populate; staying in support of the club, along with thousands of fans to the remote of the team in the Middle East.

"We are all happy, We know it's going to be a final, a game is very hard, but we got there because of merit merit and we will try to leave this classification in Santiago, "he said. Ivo Basay, Silein and ex-international technology to the media.

The good game that was shown in Argentina was again on the weekend when Palestine won 3-1 against Huachipato for the 2019 Spaniards competition, a game where Basay had a full team of resources, let them come with his keepers rest.

Qualified correction?

But far from the field, Palestinians are worried about being part of a team score the late registration in the Copa Libertadores and the Sudamericana, and a South American football control court investigates.

So far, the economic punishment is and fined $ 15,000. In the case of Sile, Palestine and five other teams show that the local partnership has harmed them and did not put up the players' lists to Conmebol.

Companies' authorities have already said that they will Caring for the economic taxes, but Conmebol does not eliminate other sanctions as to # 39; eliminate the competition in which they participate.

Minimum aims in the & # 39; T & # 39;

On the other hand, the Talleres machines have been 1-0 away from Students from La Plata for a & # 39; Argentine competition.

Optimization that contributes to the expectations of its & # 39; coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda to get some of the injured men back. Enzo Diaz is the only certified loss of Argentine herring.

"If there are changes, they will be very little. I want to take another day to a decision, No doubt, I just have to wait for two or three players back, "said Vojvoda before leaving the herring for Chile.

The game will be played at Stadal San Carlos de Apoquindo, in Santiago, from 7:15 p.m., under the settlement of Uruguayan Leodán González, helped in the bands with his companions Richard Trinidad and Gabriel Popovits.

Remember that anyone who moves in this series will be & # 39; Together with A group, River Plate, Lima and International Alliance of Porto Alegre.

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