Netflix is ​​a video game here

This service must play a monthly subscription from 7.99 euros from the computer, television, smartcards or phones.

Wade is the first video game platform that allows play users to play large catalog of titles You do not need to download downloads or installations.

This creative idea comes to hand in hand with the # 39; PlayGiga international company and its Director, Javier Polo, definition "to make it easy to understand, Netflix is ​​a video game."

He is away for a trip filled with video games and lto drain. Why are you using your computer or boardboard to enjoy your favorite video game anywhere? It is also a quiet reason to say that you can not enjoy the games we enjoy because we can not find all of them where we can try online. Because Wade was born here, the first platform for the distribution of video games through streaming programs, which allows users to play a large catalog of titles without the need to download downloads or devices.

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