Movilh denounces before the National Intelligence Agency a neo-Nazi campaign against Daniela Vega | National

The Movement for Homobadual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) denounced on Monday " a violent neo-Nazi campaign " by the Patriotic Social Movement, which "publicly denigrates the gender identity of the actress Daniela Vega and incites hatred against trans people. "

The agency said that the group deployed posters on April 27 in Las Condes stating that" Daniel Vega is a man, truth before peace "

" Three subjects of the Social Patriot Movement are responsible for this evident hate speech that seeks to denigrate a person and in pbading to the entire trans population, urging even the social conflict with the fatal and distorted phrase of "truth before peace", accused the leader of Movilh, Rolando Jiménez.

The facts were denounced by Movilh to the director of the National Intelligence Agency Luis Masferrer, who was requested "an investigation into the neo-Nazi group, which has repeatedly developed campaigns with speeches of hate that violate the human rights of sectors historically discriminated against ".

" The hate speech is the breeding ground and the justification of physical abuse against people because of their gender identity badual orientation or other characteristics ", said the organism, along with remembering that" this is not the first time that we denounced this group to the ANI nevertheless, it has continued with its actions "

" In that sense, in addition to requesting that this movement be fully investigated, we ask this time to evaluate the legal actions that may be taken against the collective neo-Nazi, in order to eradicate and prevent their hate speech ", finished the Movilh.

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