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Movilh denounced destruction of monument on sexual diversity

The Movement of Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) denounced on Monday that the first monument on sexual diversity installed in the Cerro Santa Lucia was attacked and destroyed by strangers.

Through a statement, the organization accused the destruction of the commemorative plaque, inaugurated on December 10, located on a time capsule that "safeguards documents with the history of sexual and gender diversity in Chile" and that will be uncovered in 100 More years.

"Unfortunately we could confirm that the monolith containing the plate and the plate were destroyed, and in the specific case, the plate that indicates the place where the capsule is located was stolen," he explained. Óscar Rementería, spokesman for Movilh.

"This situation has us quite angry because it shows not only an act of discrimination, but also an homophobia and a transphobia"he condemned.

Faced with this, he reported that "he requested collaboration from the municipality of Santiago to review the security cameras and be able to find those responsible for this criminal and discriminatory act."

The leader Rolando Jiménez He explained that "initially (strangers) threw stones at the plate, and now, they broke it completely, leaving no trace of it."

Accuses previous threats from followers of "JA Kast"

In the statement the Movement denounced that "Only days after installing the first LGBTI monument the Movilh took knowledge of the first threats and statements of hatred against the initiative from neo-Nazis and conservative groups. "

The organization attributes the threats to followers of "former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast that they called to 'scratch it, to stain it, to piss it (sic), to vandalize it', like what they do when they do not like something, and Neo-Nazi Social Patriot Movement who publicly criticized the installation of the LGBTI symbol. "

"If they think they will achieve their goal, they are wrong, because we will re-install the plate as many times as necessary, dignity and human rights will always be superior to crime," said Jiménez.

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