Minsal's HIV initiative is critical to the new initiative

There was no good reception A new HIV initiative is promoted by the Health Ministry.

In a 30-second video on social networking, the site will be built long and there is a group of people who have a " watch the camera: "One of these people can have HIV and you have 10 seconds to find it. But it is unnecessary to know, because it is the only way to prove. Take the test, watch your body, use a condom. Look after your life and others. "

Judgment from both bases and from executives. For the Equal Foundation, for example, "This error is a mistake".

"This view opposes a human rights way that should be HIV / AIDS campaign. People who experience HIV are not the best way to stigmatize"They say.

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The campaigner and journalist Victor Hugo Roblesspread "Police shape and research" of the campaign. "He does not come to an early test but he is (abusing) against people, some of them HIV, who are horriblely challenged:" You have 10 seconds to get -mach e ", he says.

From the Movement for Gender Diversity (MUMS) says "Unsupported by prevention work and groups of people with HIV".

The proactive Alessia Iomrary he said "talk It needs to be with confidentiality, care and respect; we talk about people, their lives, a great social stigma that they are; Cost and this advertising, instead of fighting, is increasing. Providing people with HIV only as convicts, makes it difficult to talk about their; subject and blocking exams"

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